Stolen Valor THUG Shoots 2 Boston Cops, Both Critical, Thug REAPS Consequences

Let’s cut to the chase.

Two Boston Police Officers responded to a domestic call.

A man named Kevin Figueroa, who kinda faked valor, draped himself in a ballistic vest and fired bullets at the police when they arrived. He shot two of them; one in the leg, another in the torso. Both cops are in critical condition and required blood transfusions.


Patch – Two Boston police officers are recovering from surgery but still in critical condition the morning after police say they were fired upon while responding to a reported domestic incident in East Boston.

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans identified the injured officers as Matt Morris, a 12-year veteran of the force, and Richard Cintolo, who has been with the BPD for 27 years. Both are with the East Boston station.

The officers were shot by a gunman wearing body armor and wielding a tactical shotgun, according to the Boston Police Department. That man is dead, and a second was arrested, according to police.


And let’s have a quick meeting with the deceased shooter, Kevin Figueroa, the Army Faker.

He’s known to have enlisted, but seems like he didn’t show up to basic training, but still told people or acted like he was “in the army.” I can sign up for medical school right now, but that doesn’t mean I’m a doctor.

I can sign up to be drafted in the NFL (I wouldn’t kneel for the American Flag), but that doesn’t mean I’m a pro-football player. Signing up for things, but not following through with them, makes you a no-show. If you continue telling people you signed up and act like you went, then you’re a faker. You’re stealing valor. And now this guy is firing guns at police officers and STILL – no one knows why.

It seems like Figueroa was using his fake Army status to make gains with his various businesses in security or private investigation.

However, he ended up being shot by police instead.

When he shot the two police officers, the other officers rushed into the building in the middle of a gun battle, dragged their fellow officers out covered in blood, somehow dodged bullets like Neo in the Matrix, and then fired upon the suspect leaving him filled with lead.

What could the motive be in a shooting like this? What’s the point in firing guns at cops when there’s literally no reason to do so? What was the domestic call about? Did this man fear he would be shot by police for some odd reason? Cops don’t shoot you unless you’re pointing a gun at them. Even if this man had a gun, which he did, if it was sitting on a coffee table when cops walked in, then he’d be fine.

They’d cuff him and throw him in the back of a police wagon. If he gives them a hard time, then they’ll make a few hard rights and pull a Freddy Gray. I kid, I kid.

What drives a man to pointlessly shoot at police officers, knowing that they will be outnumbered and shot?

Was this suicide by cop?

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