Entire Store On Lockdown After What Enraged Muslim Did To Clerk Who Refused To Convert To Islam

Store Clerk Refused Nasty Muslim's Demand To Convert To Islam, Then Look What Happened

When Chasity Fraley stopped by the Goodwill store in Muncie, Indiana she had no clue what she was walking into until she found herself hiding her three kids and herself in the back racks. A Muslim man had also decided to go to the same store that day and while checking out at the register, he decided that the clerk needed to convert to Islam. When the employee refused, everyone in the place got a terrifying lesson on just how unpeaceful the religion really is.

Fraley told WISHtv that she was scared for her and her children’s lives after what she saw the Muslim shopper, identified as 24-year-old Khalid Bilal, do when the clerk refused to follow his religious orders. “A guy had become very irate and was screaming at one of the employees and then grabbed him by the collar and start pushing him and screaming are you scared,” she explained. However, that was just the start of worse to come before authorities had to take over with brutal, necessary force.

Fraley said she had never seen anyone so full of rage and violence. She had no way out and her kids were becoming increasingly more terrified, especially when they heard Bilal shout,”I’m going to kill everyone in here!” That’s when she moved to a different aisle and hid, where she watched the man physically attack the employee as well as a second worker who calmly stepped in to try to de-escalate the situation.

“He violently grabbed her around the neck and just was punching and whatever he could to her,” Fraley said of what she saw Bilal do to the female employee who tried to stop him from attacking her co-worker. It’s believed that Bilal had tried to choke the woman out before police got there and had to use a taser on him after he came after the cops as well.

Even after the jolt, the violent Muslim continued to assault officers all the way to the hospital, and even shouted “Allahu Akbar.” There was nothing to stop the man the raging pulse of Islam that was coming out. It wasn’t until he was strapped down to the hospital bed that everyone near him was safe. He’s since been charged with battery on police, resisting law enforcement, disorderly conduct, battery with injury, intimidation, and strangulation.

This response to not converting to Islam cannot be ignored, despite mainstream media refusing to report on the horrifying ordeal, or placing the blame on mental illness or drug use if they do decide to cover it. The only mental illness is Islam which is likely what made him do it and why we don’t need more of these disturbed people in our towns.

h/t: [TheBlaze]

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