Store Owner Cancels NFL Star’s Event Over National Anthem Protest. Then He DELIVERS Epic Replacement!


Man, I love a good American! One who does not sell their soul for money, but stands in salute to those that GAVE their life or quality of life for America. In this case, that person is Stephen Martin, store owner of Prime Time Sports located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Martin had Denver Broncos linebacker, Brandon Marshall, scheduled to visit his store for autographs and pictures. That is HUGE for places of business. Huge for marketing, revenue, and becoming one legit place to shop for all things sports.

However, Martin found out that Brandon Marshall was one of the many NFL players to join with Colin Kaepernick in disrespecting our Nation’s anthem in protest of racial inequality in the United States.

So that changed…everything.

Not all players have felt the consequence of their poorly made decision to take a knee during the National Anthem, but Brandon Marshall felt an IMMEDIATE response…

Prime Time Sports cancelled on him.

Martin didn’t want anything to do with the disrespecting American and for a very valid reason, so he passed on the opportunity to have Marshall in his store for an autograph signing, and instead did something EVEN BETTER.

He took to social media told his story, and gave fellow Americans an opportunity to restore some patriotism back to our country.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Martin explained his decision and suggested a different kind of event to replace the autograph signing.

The post reads in part:

I respect Brandon Marshall’s freedom of expression, but I question his method of delivery. I agree that his concerns need to be addressed, but not at the expense of our flag and what it represents.

There have been times in the last week where I have gone AWOL to my heart by my silence, but now I have been awakened by the memory of my wife’s father Kenneth J Porwoll who survived the Bataan Death March.

He was thrown into the hull of a cargo ship called the Taga Maru where he was sandwiched with hundreds of other soldiers without room to even lie down while being hauled to Japan where he was a POW for 3 1/2 years. He was saturated in human sweat, urine and fecal matter for weeks in plus 100 degree heat without food, water or medical care and to this store owner that story is a better use of the word “deplorable”.

I was at this man’s funeral. I saw the American Flag draped over his coffin. I was there when that folded American Flag was handed to his wife, Mary Ellen Porwoll. I heard that 21 gun salute.

This store owner believes that the simple act of standing during our national anthem is a noble and responsible gesture that salutes our nation and the military that protects it. Now I want to stand up and hear the voice of the American Flag and I need your help.

I am asking for photos of your loved ones that are veterans, in active service, who have been injured in the line of duty or who have paid the ultimate price. I will post these photos on my store front windows under the banner, “These people have sacrificed for the ideas represented by our flag. We honor them”.

You can bet that it didn’t take long for Americans to respond grateful to the opportunity to honor their loved ones who fought, lived, and died for you, me and our children as Americans. Some of the photos came in with such stories of valor and courage in the face of the enemy that the thought of NFL football players being total asshats didn’t matter anymore. What mattered was the truth.




America is the land of the brave, because of those that fought, fight, and prepare to fight for our country now. No entitled, gold chained, Mercedes driving, bottle popping, NFL asshole athlete is going to change that truth.

Even though in Obama’s America if it feels we are being surrounded by stupid people who refuse to see the truth… the one good thing about the truth is…

It’s still the truth, even if nobody believe it.

Besides until the NFL gets their heads out of their asses… there’s rugby.

Just saying…