Fed Up With Islam and Obama, Store Owner Decides To Piss Off Liberals In Most EPIC way Possible

I’ve said before that it’s NEVER a good idea for a business to make their political stances known, but perhaps that’s different for conservatives.

Logically speaking, you’d think that any business is going to piss off half their customers by taking any kind of political stance. There have been countless stories of businesses in liberal areas refusing to serve Trump supporters following the election, and even they got an enormous amount of blowback.

On the other hand, conservatives actually have money to spend, so when you piss them off, it’s a lot worse than when you aggravate a liberal. Consider liberal’s boycott of Chick Fil A as exhibit A. Did it actually impact their bottom line one bit? Nope! Conservatives launched “Chick Fil A appreciation day” in response to protests from the Left, and led to the business’s largest day of sales ever.

With no shortage of businesses “protesting” Trump supporters, here’s one opposing Obama. As The Hill reported:

A convenience store in New Mexico is under fire as residents call for it to remove dozens of controversial signs targeting President Obama, Muslims and African-Americans, several media outlets reported.

For years, the store has displayed signs reading “Kill Obama” and “Obama & Muslims not welcome here.”

The Mayhill Convenience Store in Mayhill, N.M., also has signs in its front window targeting Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and NFL player Colin Kaepernick.


So what do you all think is going to happen as a result? Will this business be protested into oblivion, or will this end up actually helping their bottom line? Let us know in the comments.

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