Straight Woman Had To Use Restroom Bad, Walked Into Men’s, Immediately Kicked Out Of Concert.


I’ve seen women do this at ball games. With all the hullabaloo about transgenders using women’s restrooms, you wouldn’t think this would be a thing, but apparently in Obama’s fundamentally transformed America, it is!

Samantha Bergh was at a Garth Brooks concert in Fargo with her husband who had given her tickets for Mother’s Day, when before the concert, she needed to use the restroom.

Bergh shared this photo on Facebook before the night’s events took a downhill turn for the couple.

Seeing that the lady’s room line was “a good 100 people long” and that there “was no wait for the men’s” room, Bergh tells Valley News Live that she decided to use it instead.

But it wasn’t just her husband who was waiting outside for her when she exited — there was a FargoDome security guard as well as a police officer. They took their tickets away and escorted them out of the venue.

According to Valley News Live, the general manager was not aware of the incident; the usual recourse for such a situation is only a warning.

Bergh, who says she was neither drunk nor discourteous to security, is disappointed to say the least.

“I’ll never get that back. Nothing will ever give me that experience back.”

Maybe Garth can help them out?

Via IJ Review

Maybe Garth Brooks CAN help out. He’s on Twitter a lot. Send him a Tweet! Maybe he’ll respond! That’d be EPIC! His Twitter is HERE.

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