Strange Hysteria Over Russia’s Humanitarian Aid

An International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) team found water and electricity supplies cut off in Eastern Ukraine because of damage to essential infrastructure done by Kiev forces constant shelling.

Referring to intolerable delays and endless artificial demands and pretexts made by the Ukrainian side, the Russian side has decided to act. This Friday federalists of southeast Ukraine unloaded desperately needed provisions from some 280 Russian trucks in Luhansk, Ukraine. In its turn, the West accused those trucks of “invading” Ukraine on Friday.

Despite the fury expressed by the U.S. and NATO officials about Russia’s unilateral delivery of the supplies after weeks of frustrating negotiations with Ukrainian authorities, there was clearly a humanitarian need. An International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) team that visited Luhansk on Aug. 21 to make arrangements for the delivery of aid found water and electricity supplies cut off because of damage to essential infrastructure done by Kiev forces constant shelling.

It’s easy to understand that Kiev really has no control of its own country’s border, as well as the territory through which the humanitarian convoy was moving, nevertheless Russia spent a lot of time and effort to go through all the formalities, useless in the exact situation (waiting for the Ukrainian customs officers and border guards to check on the cargo, while knowing that they’re purposely wasting time).

It was done to once again demonstrate the irresponsibility of the Ukrainian side, their inability and the lack of will to give up their efforts in trying to quiet the federalists by force.

Thus, the White House second-string P.R. team came off the bench on Friday and it was not a pretty scene. Even if one overlooks the grammatical mistakes, the statement they cobbled together left a lot to be desired.

It began: “Today, in violation of its previous commitments and international law, Russian military vehicles painted to look like civilian trucks forced their way into Ukraine.”

“The Ukrainian government and the international community have repeatedly made clear that this convoy would constitute a humanitarian mission only if expressly agreed to by the Ukrainian government and only if the aid was inspected, escorted and distributed by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). We can confirm that the ICRC is not escorting the vehicles and has no role in managing the mission.”

“Russian military vehicles piloted by Russian drivers have unilaterally entered the territory controlled by the separatist forces.”

This is the voice of America. A country that promotes freedom and ideals of helping those “in need” ? though in this particular case the US found Kiev Nazi to be the ones that need Government support.

On the contrary, the Russians’ attitude seems to be that if the humanitarian relief convoys can be described as an invasion of sovereign territory, so be it.

As far as I can see Russia, and the so-called Novorossia, a name given by federalists to the territory they defend, have made distinctive political gains via the finale of this “convoy drama”. The overall meaning, both symbolical and material, of such direct official Russian help to one of the two centers of people’s resistance on former Ukraine territory is very high.

It had also shown that Russia is willing to do peacekeeping jobs no matter the cost and to save those in need not with words but with decisive actions. The West has shown its true ugly face yet again by trying to oppose this humanitarian mission.

Is a former US Army Officer and graduated from Baylor with a degree in law.