(Conservative Tribune) When it comes to a math problem, there’s a right answer, or there’s a wrong answer. But there’s no such thing as a “friendly” answer… or so we thought.

Apparently, in Common Core, there is.

Wait, what?

Indiana became the first state to pull out of Common Core, which has done things outrageous like replace literary classics with Obama Administration-approved texts (Barack Obama’s “biography,” for one) that advance the liberal narrative and ban red ink because that might hurt someone’s feelings, reports Young Conservatives.  A number of other states have also rejected the curriculum.

Common Core has math major parents scratching their heads over simple arithmetic, and fourth graders in some schools around the country learning that Americans are fundamentally racist (one of the points made in Barack Obama’s “biography”– a thinly veiled attempt to advance the liberal narrative).

Parents across the country are outraged that the federal government has effectively hijacked their children’s education and turned it into a comprehensive, programmatic, machine designed to churn out good little liberals with little or no capacity for independent thought. It’s a sinister kind of genius.

Whether we have school-age children or not, as proud citizens, we should all be furious that this sort of indoctrination is happening on our watch. We need to put a stop to these profoundly dangerous reforms. Stay informed and urge your friends and family to do the same.

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