HATE CRIME: 12-Year-Old Student Punched In The Face At School For Being White

A white girl is the victim of two unprovoked HATE CRIME attacks – all because she was white.

The girl states the attackers beat her up at school and yelled anti-white racist words.

FOX 4 asked the school for an interview but the media outreach coordinator said the Dean of Discipline declined. Instead, the school sent the following email:

Hi Megan,

In regards to your inquiry below, we take these situations very seriously – school safety is our priority.

Our Dean of Discipline at the school investigated and addressed the situation. We followed our Student Handbook discipline policy which is posted on our website @ http://www.frontierschools.org. The handbook can be located by clicking on the “Campuses” tab and then selecting Frontier School of Excellence (South Campus) – the handbook is located in the left navigation under “About Us”.

This is the only information we can share.

Thank you,

Jennifer Watson

Jennifer Watson – that’s not good enough. A girl was attacked TWICE. Apparently the second time she was attacked, those people didn’t learn anything involving discipline.

Getting attacked once, fine – that happens. We can’t prevent that. But why is the same girl being attacked twice?

What bothers me is that the girl claims she doesn’t know who the attackers are – like it’s just some random racist attack on a white girl for no reason other than the color of her skin.

And let’s be honest, look at her. This girl doesn’t look like she can fight her way out of a liberals soft weak skin. If the white girl said she knew who the attackers were, then I would ask this “did the white girl piss them off and deserve an ass kicking?” And if the answer was no, then she was just a victim of a hate crime.

And that’s what this is folks, a racist hate crime on a random victim, for no reason, which we know is highly popular among people who come from homes with no discipline.

Did we forget about the knockout game?

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