Student Robbed at Gunpoint, Says He DESERVED It Because of His ‘Privilege’


The parents of student Oliver Friedfeld may be wanting a refund of the $44,280 per year in tuition they paid to Georgetown University (GU) each year, after reading of how indoctrinated he has become.

Friedfeld, a senior at GU and his roommate were recently mugged at gun point — a terrifying crime that would normally result in stress, anger, and attempts to nab the perpetrators.

But Frieldfeld says he deserved to be robbed,and doesn’t want to help catch the criminals.

His reason why shows how insane our nation’s schools have become: his “privilege.”

Yep, you read that right.

In an oped for the GU newspaper, The Hoya, Friedfeld wrote that he “can hardly blame” the assailants for robbing him. He argued that income inequality is to blame for the incident. As reported by Campus Reform, he said:

“Who am I to stand from my perch of privilege, surrounded by million-dollar homes and paying for a $60,000 education, to condemn these young men as ‘thugs?’ It’s precisely this kind of ‘otherization’ that fuels the problem,” Friedfeld wrote. 

He continued, “Not once did I consider our attackers to be ‘bad people.’ I trust that they weren’t trying to hurt me. In fact, if they knew me, I bet they’d think I was okay. The fact that these two kids, who appeared younger than I, have even had to entertain these questions suggests their universes are light years away from mine.”

Friedfeld said that in order to end “opportunistic crime”, “We should look at ourselves first. Simply amplifying police presence will not solve the issue.”

And this liberal drone didn’t stop there, not only excusing the perps who robbed him, but extending the “responsibility” for all crime to his generation, and hinted that White racism was to blame:

It is up to millenials to “right some of the wrongs of the past,” the GU senior continued. “Until we do so, we should get comfortable with sporadic muggings and break-ins. I can hardly blame them. The cards are all in our hands, and we’re not playing them.”

He can “hardly blame” those who commit crimes at gunpoint? Does he think all such crimes end peacefully, with the victim writing an op-ed about their White Guilt? Does Friedfeld not realize how many people are killed during such robberies each year? According to the FBI around 1 in 8 victims of armed robbery are killed by the assailants — hundreds of people per year.

It is such ridiculous leftist propaganda that leads so many young White students to support the mayhem in places like Ferguson, where dozens of businesses — most of the Black-owned — were burned to the ground last week. Are racist “wrongs of the past” to blame for Blacks victimizing Black business owners? Is racism to blame for 93% of Blacks being killed by other Blacks, as Rudy Giuliani pointed out recently?

It’s too bad the Friedfelds had to dish out $177,000 in tuition to turn their son into a self-hating Progressive zombie.

Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

Oliver Friedfeld far left, (Facebook)
Oliver Friedfeld far left, (Facebook)

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