Student Shows Up With A Confederate Flag And Declares ‘White Privilege Day’ — You Can Guess How It Turns Out

Well, that was worth a shot.

A high school student in Glendale Wisconsin reportedly tried to declare the day “White Privilege Day.” Since he wasn’t talking about white privilege in an attempt to bash or guilt trip white people, it ended quite predictably.

The Blaze reports that he:

showed up to school with a Confederate flag and declared Wednesday “White Privilege Day.” The stunt didn’t go over well.

In fact, a teacher immediately confiscated the flag and contacted the school’s resource officer. The student was promptly suspended.

In a letter to parents, Nicolet High School Principal Gregory Kabara said the student’s actions “upset many students,” calling the demonstration “derogatory and offensive.”

“While district policy allows for students to initiate conversation about a controversial issue, it must be presented in the ordinary course of classroom instruction and cannot be disruptive to the educational setting. The student’s actions were a clear violation of this policy,” Kabara said.

The school has made personnel available to students who want to talk about the apparently triggering episode.

The Confederate Flag may have been taking things a bit too far – but if other races can be proud of their heritage, why not whites? In many cases, what liberals call “privilege” is in reality the result of hard work.

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