Students at University of Minnesota Fear 9/11 Remembrance could Violate their ‘Safe Spaces’


From Young Cons: I’ve had it up to here with whiny college brats and their ‘safe spaces.’

I know you can’t see me, but just imagine that my hand is near my forehead.

‘Safe spaces’ on college campuses encourage young people to hide behind thinly-veiled walls, which won’t help them in any way once they leave campus and are forced to get jobs.

I’m a member of the Millennial generation, and boy do I have to hang my head sometimes.

From Campus Reform via Twitchy:

On Tuesday, November 10, the Minnesota Student Association (MSA)–the undergraduate student government at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (UMN)– rejected a resolution for a moment of recognition on future anniversaries of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Theo Menon, the student group representative to MSA for the College Republicans (CRs) at UMN, introduced the resolution; MSA’s forum voted against it 36-23 (with three abstentions).
At-large MSA representative and Director of Diversity and Inclusion David Algadi voiced severe criticism of the resolution. He also made sure to emphasize 9/11’s status as a national tragedy in his response.

“The passing of this resolution might make a space that is unsafe for students on campus even more unsafe,” said Algadi, “Islamophobia and racism fueled through that are alive and well.”

A couple reactions…

What is this country coming to?

Now people are refusing to honor the victims of the worst terrorist attack America has ever seen?

What’s next?

Will we forego Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas altogether?

Would that make liberal loons happy?


Let’s just all say a prayer for these kids in hopes that one day they’ll finally mature. Remember, these are America’s future leaders, which is the scariest thought of all.

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