Student’s Hillary T-Shirt Makes Liberal Teacher Mad, But What He Says ROCKS Teacher’s World!

This outraged LIBERAL teacher just couldn’t hack it when it came to being able to tolerate a student’s t-shirt and the words printed on it.

It was just too much to bare… because sticks and stones may break your bones, but words… words will get a liberal to hulk out on everyone like nothing else!

Unfortunately for this teacher though, the student had a 4 word response that made everything better…and put her over the edge of her ‘crazy’


We learned of this incident after it had been posted to Facebook by Richard Gautier. However, the post was about his Son, Mason…who just happens to be the student who braved through this teacher’s ‘crazy’ long enough to infuse a whole lot of common sense into the situation.

The story goes, Mason had decided to wear a particular t-shirt to school one day. That t-shirt had just three simple words across it.

“Hillary for Prison”

Of course, he didn’t think anything of it, other than it just being the expression of his opinion..which, is allowed last time I checked my freedom ruler. Right?

Well this time, one of his teachers took some pretty serious offense to the words. Poor idiot.

According to the post with a photo of Mason wearing his shirt attached, “One of his Clinton-supporting teachers whom he’s had political discussions with asked, ‘Did you wear that for me?’” Unfortunately for the outraged leftist, it seems that her student had a response that was locked and loaded – and boy was it a doozy.

You’re not going to believe how brilliant this boy was with his reply. It was almost as if he had foreseen this crazy teacher getting all butt hurt about it and planned out his response long before it happened!

His simple but POWERFUL reply was…

“No, for Chris Stevens”

Can you imagine what the look on his teacher’s face was when she heard this reply? I mean, not only did he response quickly but he responded with heart, and it gave many who heard, the patriotic goosebumps.

I am proud of this young man, Mason. To know there are young people who are getting involved, getting educated, and understanding what freedom means and why it’s important. Any young person who honors their military and understands the sacrifices of others, is a young person headed in the right direction.

This teacher is an adult who should have known better than to be forcing their political opinions on influential children, and then having the audacity to be offended when the child has their own opinion!?


This kid has a good head on his shoulders, and thank goodness for that! There may be hope for our future generation after all.

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