School officials in the Orlando, Fla. area have found a new and exciting way to coddle kids. Under a policy that has already been in place for a year, students who do absolutely no work and earn zero credit no longer receive a grade of zero.

Instead, all students — including do-absolutely-nothing students — receive 50 percent as their quarterly grades,reports local ABC affiliate WFTV.

The purpose of the generous policy is to prevent students from dropping out of taxpayer-funded public schools. Students who don’t do any work often get discouraged at the grades which reflect their work, it seems. Then they get a case of the sads and drop out of school.

While the policy of making 50 percent the lowest grade a student can receive has been in place for a year, the Orange County school board is only just now getting around to voting officially on it.

A lot of parents and students are unhappy.

“I think it’s unfair because some students don’t do any work so they should get a zero,” one high school senior told WFTV.

Courtesy of Daily Caller

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