Students Wear White Pride Shirts To Spirit Week—Watch Liberals Lose Their Minds!

Well here’s an example of what happens when you turn the tables on Liberals. We all knew it, but now we have something to tuck away as proof.

Liberals have made it very clear that they are…bonkers. Now days, there is almost nothing you can say without them taking offense to it from every angle they possibly can.

Manufactured rage. When everyone else just wants to keep it real, Liberals want to be angry. Hence…the awful disease that is plaguing our common sense and destroying if off the face of the land. That disease is called “Political correctness”

It is the going to be the death of America, if we don’t start teaching the next generations that they CAN DO hard things, and necessary discipline is love.

What ever happened to sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never heart me?

I fear for the generation we got now that is crying over their spilt milk unable to handle the stress because it hurts their feelings…it may be too late.

It’s a selfish generation that only knows how to think about themselves, and that’s the whole problem. They do not see real suffering among others, and do not acknowledge the sacrifices others make for them…they are too busy taking selfies.

Now a High School in Missouri has just popped a hole in their balloon, and the cry babies are throwing a temper tantrum.

There has been a long time standing tradition at Polson High School. A tradition for their spirit week, they call “color war” days. This is different grades wear a team color.

Well the junior class color was white this year.

One guess who decided to make it racist?

If you guessed liberals…you are right! A couple of students out of the entire student boy wrote “Trump 2016” on their shirts along with “White pride” … mind you, spirit week is also known as pride week, and each team is assigned a color…and theirs was white.


School officials say the shirts were made for a school competition.

“Throughout this week we had Spirit Week, Homecoming Week. Great activities of different dress-ups throughout the week. Thursday was what we call Color Wars, which is really a class-color competition,” said Polson School District Superintendent Rex Weltz.

Each class was given a different color; freshman wore green, sophomores wore blue, seniors wore black and juniors wore white.

Weltz said a list of the colors was available for weeks prior to the activity and that no one saw the potential for racial discrimination. He said this incident will not result in the cancellation of future spirit week activities.

“We had a couple kids who made poor choices,” said Weltz. “And really we don’t want to pull the activity and the program away for some bad choices.”

Weltz reportedly received a number of complaints from people criticizing school faculty for allowing students to wear the shirts, but insists the students were asked to change immediately.

“I’m here to tell you that as soon as the administration knew of the situation it was addressed and a couple of students were pulled in and spoke to and alleviated the concern,” Weltz said.

But even after the shirts were removed early Thursday morning, dozens of pictures flooded social media causing outrage online.

Anyhow, because only a couple of students did this, people decided that the entire tradition was racist. | Continuous News | Missoula & Western Montana

Never has it been this bad. A person who is 100% NOT racist, can now be a RAGING bigoted racist in Obama’s America.

It’s sick really. Now social media is blowing up and this story is going around like wildfire. With liberals and their fabricated rage going at these poor kids left and right.


They can kneel at a game to take a so called ‘stand’ for black Americans, but these kids can’t show pride for their team color because it’s white.

Just like liberals to blow things out of the water, to get some attention.

It’s times like these I hate Obama the most.

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