STUNNING VIDEOS: Milwaukee Race Rioters Loot Metro PCS Cell Phone Store

It all started a few days ago when some dumbass thug, suspected of burglary, pulled a stolen weapon on the officers that pulled him over as a person of interest. You pull a gun on the police and they will shoot you, no problem. He was fatally shot for his choice to threaten the lives of others.

Basically one black guys stupidity always calls out the BLM animals who demand that blacks beat down whites and kill them. So in Milwaukee the BLM idiots began dragging white people out of their cars to pound on them and to beat journalists. Brilliant move Black Lives Matter.

Now, Black Lives Matter Milwaukee have moved onto the next phase of terrorizing a town; LOOTING. Yep according to Black Lives Matter philosophies, looting is an important and justifiable part of protest. DeRay McKesson is a prominent BLM leader who was hired by Yale University to give a two-day lecture on the movement. He ‘taught students that looting is a justifiable form of protest, similar to the Boston Tea Party’. Just so we’re clear Black Lives Matter people believe stealing is OK!

Surveillance camera videos taken during the first night of rioting in Milwaukee on Saturday show about a dozen young Black males climbing through a shattered plate glass window of a Metro PCS store and looting the front and back areas of the store. The owner of the store made the videos available to the media.

The first video was published on Sunday by WDJT-TV and shows the looters climbing through the front window. The Metro PCS on 36th and Burleigh was broken into during the violence. Metro PCA is a cell phone store. The owner of this store lives in Illinois, saw on her suveillance video at home that her business was being looted. She reached out to us asking us to share the video which really just speaks for itself…” A second video from the store was published Monday by WITI-TV.

The second video shows the looters ransacking the rear storage area of the store. A third, extended version of the surveillance videos published Sunday by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel includes footage from the cash register area.

WATCH the video below… I’m blown away at how many young men flow through the broken window to steal. None of them seem bothered that they are not only breaking the law but they are violating someone else’s Civil Rights. My son and his friends couldn’t imagine having the gall to be this loathsome. Unbelievable that Black Live Matter is given any credence by leaders like Hillary Clinton and President Obama. I guess birds of a feather… because Clinton and Obama have no qualms stealing from the American people over and over. Both groups treat theft as a personal right. Sickening!

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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