WATCH – Hours Before Super Bowl, New England Patriots Owner Issues URGENT Trump Alert

I did not see this coming! An extremely touching story about the Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, who lost his loving spouse and faced a lifetime of emptiness that can’t ever be replaced. He who could’ve spun himself into a world of depression and lost everything he’s ever worked for, tells Fox News about the one person who helped him stay mentally sound during the toughest time of his life.

Robert Kraft is talking about Donald Trump and how our President spent a year helping Kraft stay afloat.

There is no business involved. Just human nature and being there for people when they need it. It doesn’t matter that Kraft is a millionaire. When you lose someone in your family, your friends are supposed to be there for you.

Trump was there for Kraft and it’s good to know there’s a non-business side to our President.

His year-long dedication to Kraft’s well-being demonstrates that our President is compassionate and dedicated. He thought about his friend’s loss long after others would have forgotten. Further, inviting Kraft out to places is likely exactly what the lonely, grieving man would need.

To be honest, I don’t like it when people try to bring politics into sports coverage. But, Liberals in the business are intent on doing it.

Though we have sports writers who are determined to decry Trump at every opportunity, at least we also have other voices that are happy to express their positive feelings about Trump.

I’ll admit, Kraft’s words and personal focus are a refreshing change from the way politics are usually brought into football and other sports. Players, like Kaepernick, who insist on making their political stance the focus of every game, frustrated the fans more than anything.

Behind the hair, the suits, and the millions – there’s still a person involved in the machine called Donald Trump.

He’s a guy just like many of other guys.

This great story is refreshing because it’s not a political statement like everything else surrounding the Super Bowl. It’s just a guy talking about his friend and what he did for him YEARS ago. This was well before Trump ran for President, so liberals can’t say it was done for show.

To call someone every week for at least a year straight is like most other friendships. We call, we text, we email, we SnapChat (I’m still learning that one), and we communicate with our friends/family in ways that pull us closer and keep communication open.

No one has to call you every week, month, or year to be your friend.

But isn’t it nice when they do?

This makes me want to call a few friends to say hi or text them a funny picture for a good laugh.

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