SUPPORTERS CALL ON TRUMP to Buy TV Time and Read Off Wikileaks Emails

Hillary’s campaign is in the middle of her campaign’s largest scandal – but you probably didn’t notice if you listened to the mainstream media.

Both Hillary and Trump found themselves at the center of scandal last week; Trump’s resulting from sexually explicit leaked audio, and Hillary’s from the latest Wikileaks dump. Luckily for Hillary, she has the media on her side, and they conveniently ignored her problems.

According to NewsBusters, after four news cycles, from Friday night through Tuesday morning, ABC, CBS, and NBC have aired 198 minutes and 13 seconds of coverage on Trump telling NBC’s Billy Bush in 2005 that you can grab women in the crotch and get away with it if you’re s a star. By contrast, the networks have only managed 13 minutes and nine seconds of air time on the Wikileaks information dump on Hillary Clinton. That’s an imbalance of interest of 15 to 1.



If the media was as concerned with Hillary’s scandals as they are with Trump’s, they’d never run out of scandals to report on!

Trump needs to capitalize off of these new revelations NOW if he wants to win in November, and that’s what many Republicans are calling on him to do. As the Gateway Pundit reported: There are calls on social media for Donald Trump to buy TV time and read off the damning Wikileaks emails. The media will not report on the emails since they are involved in colluding with Hillary and Democrat Party.

Think that would end up sinking her campaign? I certainly do.

The problem is that enough people aren’t aware of Hillary’s scandals. They know she’s corrupt, but don’t know the specifics. The media will only focus on Trump’s wrongdoings.

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