SURPRISE! Girl Scouts Allowing Cross-Dressing Boy to Join? You bet


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If time-travel were a thing, our future selves would troll our younger selves. The 2016 versions of us would go back to 2006, showing off with their giant iPhones which take voice commands and play movies from the streaming Netflix. Then they’d tell us about Nano the woman who thinks she’s a cat, and Stephoknee the 52 year old man who thinks he’s a six year old girl. When 2006 us respond with “No freaking way is that going to happen,” the 2016 version says, “Oh, also, you’ll buy your Girl Scout cookies from a cross-dressing nine year old boy.” At that point, 2006 us would LOL so hard ribs would crack.

“I like to sell cookies because it’s very nice to sell cookies,” she told BuzzFeed News. Cookies, she said, “make people smile.”

But when Stormi, who is transgender, started knocking on neighbors’ doors near her home in Herrin, Ill., one man turned her away, saying: “Nobody wants to buy cookies from a boy in a dress.”

This comes to you from The Washington Post, who as you’ll note, picked up the story from BuzzFeed News. Welcome to America. Guess who the villain of this story is? Yep, it’s the man who doesn’t want to buy Girl Scout cookies from a boy. In a dress. How is this being handled?

An LGBTQ support group in Idaho sent out a call for support, too. “While out selling cookies,” a member from Idaho Falls Gender Community wrote, Stormi “was met with negativity, no orders, and even one less than kind person. … As a parent, this made me angry. As a parent of transgender children, this made me livid!”

Stormi and his troop has referred to this neighbor with eyes and a penchant for speaking the blunt truth, as a “bully.” A man who called a boy in a dress a “boy in a dress” is now a bully. According to BuzzFeed, he’s also “transphobic.”

A transgender Girl Scout stood up to a transphobic neighbor by selling thousands of cookies

— BuzzFeed (@BuzzFeed) February 1, 2016

Putting aside the mental damage being caused to this youngster (a foster child), putting aside how everyone is using him to parade their feels and social justice causes across the internet, let’s examine the bigger picture. Well, a couple of bigger pictures.

The Girl Scouts are for girls. It’s supposed to be a “safe space” for young girls to be with other young girls. If you’re not clear on gender differences…


The Boy Scouts are for boys. It’s supposed to be a “safe space” for young boys to be with other young boys. The reason there are Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts is because they’re are boys and girls. As science has told us for thousands of years, boys and girls are biologically different. Their brains are different. Their anatomy is different. Young boys and young girls like different things growing up. They also have physical differences. See if you can spot them…

ThatsAPenis GIF

So what happens when social justice warriors want to blur the lines? No, don’t focus on Stormi here, that dude is just part of the story. What happens to the girls in his troop? What happens to the girls who wanted to be with other girls in the GIRL SCOUTS when they’re introduced to a nine year old boy who claims he’s a girl. How secure is their “safe space”? What would happen if one of them dared speak out in protest of a boy joining their group of girls? Hint: look at how Stormi’s advocates are addressing the neighbor who called him a him.

See, here’s what’s tragically hilarious about the leftist movement. They cater to the lowest victim common denominator, ignoring everyone else (see also Germany’s rising rape culture, where Muslim men are excused for raping women and girls). Instead of asking how the rest of the girls in his troop are affected by Stormi’s presence, everyone has instead clamored to the SJW cause of fighting a neighbor who called the him a him. Leftists are so focused on helping their victim class of the hour, they ignore everyone else. In this case, a group of young girls.

Tell me again how the left is for the advancement women’s rights. I’ll wait.


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