SURPRISE!!! Savages who HIT AND RUN Muslim Woman were MUSLIMS not “Anti-Muslim, Far Right Protesters” (VIDEO)


Another example of leftist media jumping to blame the right for anything bad that happens in this world. Of course the “Islam-appeasers” would say a “far-right” activist mowed this Muslim lady down. It fits their narrative that “conservatives are evil bigots, and Islam is peace.” We have to be ever vigilant to call out the lies of the left as in this case.

When a Muslima was run over during the now daily chaos in Europe, the media was wild with speculation that “anti-Muslim” protesters were responsible.

Needless to say, the enemedia snakes writhed back into the holes. Nothing to see here folks.

Molenbeek car hit

EXCLUSIVE: “Anti-Islam Far-Right Activists” Who Mowed Down Muslim Pedestrian Were Actually (Surprise!) Muslims From Molenbeek,” by Oakes Spalding, Mahmoud’s Paradise, April 3, 2016:

Brussels witnessed a number of political demonstrations yesterday. Anti-Islam protesters defied bans on protests while “anti-fascist” (read left-wing fascist) and Muslim counter-demonstrators came out to oppose them. At one point Muslim youths ran through the streets of the heavily Muslim Molenbeek neighborhood, yelling, “let’s kill the Nazis!”

In the middle of one of the protests a horrific incident occurred. A white Audi ran a police cordon and then hit an unsuspecting woman crossing the street, throwing her over the hood and running over her legs. The woman, a Muslim who was presumably a resident of the area was severely injured but remained conscious throughout the ordeal.

WARNING: the next video is quite graphic:

The tragedy had its surreal side. As the car went through the blockade, a smiling man in the passenger seat took selfies with his phone as police trained their guns on the car. One video even seemed to show the police shooting at the car as it was speeding through. A few seconds later there were gasps and screams from the crowd as the car plowed into the woman.

Here is one video of the incident (yes, that’s the song Imagine playing faintly in the background):

Who were the occupants of the car? Some in the media were quick to explicitly blame the anti-Islam protesters, though there was no evidence that they were part of that group.

TVNZ (New Zealand): Muslim woman run down by anti-Islam protester in Brussels

Daily Mail: Horrific moment Muslim woman is mown down by grinning far-right activist who then stops to take a PICTURE during anti-Islam rally in the troubled Brussels district of Molenbeek

Independent: Muslim woman run down by far-right activist during anti-Islamic rally in Brussels

Others ran headlines that while technically correct, carried a certain implication:

Evening Standard: Muslim woman ‘mown down’ by car during far-right protest in Molenbeek

Huffington Post: Muslim Woman Mown Down At Brussels Anti-Islam Rally In Shocking Incident Caught On Video

The men were arrested and Belgian media soon reported that they were both residents of Molenbeek. A few hours ago, their names were released–or at least their partial names:

Redouane D

Mohamed B
Mohamed was the man taking the selfie.

We’re calling this an “exclusive” for English posts, though the Belgian media is obviously up on it. As yet I have seen no retractions or clarifications from other media.

UPDATE (April 3, 9:00 PM CST): English media are continuing to report the story with misleading headlines. This recent article from the New York Post reports everything about the driver and the passenger except for the fact that they had Muslim names.

Muslim woman run down during ‘far-right’ protest in Belgium

Two 20-year-old men later walked into the police station while reeking of alcohol in order to turn themselves in for the violent hit-and-run, according to Belgian news outlet La Libre.

Police said the men were under the influence of alcohol and drugs, in possession of smoke bombs, and claimed they had no recollection of the incident.

Both men, who are from Molenbeek, were charged with armed rebellion and hit and run, the outlet said.

UPDATE (april 4, 12:00 Noon CST): The Daily Mail just amended its headline, changing “grinning far-right activist” to “grinning driver.” So the full headline reads:

Horrific moment Muslim woman is mown down by grinning driver who then stops to take a PICTURE during anti-Islam rally in the troubled Brussels district of Molenbeek

This carries with it the implication that the woman was hit by someone who was part of the “anti-Islam rally.” However, the text of the article now states that the first names of the occupants were “Redouane” and “Mohamed.”

Daily caller is reporting on here:

Car Hits Muslim Woman During Violent Clashes In Brussels [VIDEO], by Jacob Bojesson, Daily Caller, April 4, 2016:

Tensions between immigrants and nationalists are growing in Brussels after the March 22 terrorist attacks in the city.

Violent clashes took place Saturday in the infamous Brussels neighborhood of Molenbeek. Several hundred people gathered for an anti-Islam rally in the neighborhood, know as the “jihadi capital of Europe” for its history of breeding terrorists.

More than 100 people were detained for violent behavior, but only two were charged. Police set up road blocks to prevent activists from entering Molenbeek. A video shows how a car hits a woman in a high-speed hit and run.

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