Surviving cartoonist let terrorists into office when they threatened to kill her toddler; they hid under desk


A cartoonist who survived the Wednesday morning terrorist attack in paris confessed that she let the armed men into the Charlie Hedbo office complex.

Corrine Rey had just returned from picking up her daughter from daycare when two heavily armed men wearing ski masks confronted her at the entrance to the building, according to the Daily Mail.

Charlie Hedbo 1Charlie Hedbo cartoonist Corrine Rey

“I had gone to pick up my daughter at day care, arriving in front of the magazine building, where two masked and armed men brutally threatened us,” said Rey, who draws under the name ‘Coco.’

She said the killers “spoke French perfectly” and claimed to be “Al Qaeda terrorists.”

“They said they wanted to go up to the offices, so I tapped in the code,” she told the Mail.

After entering the access code into the security system, she and her daughter hid under a desk and watched as two other cartoonists were executed.

“They shot Wolinski and Cabu,” she said. “It lasted five minutes. I had taken refuge under a desk.”

According to reports, four Charlie Hedbo cartoonists were killed.

charlie hedbo 2Photo Source Twitter

The building had security, but it proved to be “useless,” according to a witness who arrived just after the attack.

‘There was protection at the door but they killed the police officers,” Stefan De Vries told Sky News. “They executed them and they started shooting in the offices. There were more than 50 people inside.”

Witnesses said the terrorists shouted “the Prophet has been avenged” and “Allahu akbar!” during the attack.

The Daily Mail reported that the Charlie Hebdo office had been attacked before, being hit by a firebomb in November 2011 after putting an image of the Prophet Mohammad on the cover of the magazine.

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