After Sweden Calls Trump a Liar, Their Muslims Refugees Deliver BRUTAL Dose Of Karma They Had Coming!

For the past few days, the left has been criticizing Trump when he misspoke about a recent attack on Sweden. Even after Trump attempted to clear up his statement the mainstream media and Swedish officials continued to mock him. Ironically, just a couple days after Trump’s slip of the tongue Swedish refugees came out of the woodwork and taught the Swedish government a brutal lesson.

Monday night around 8 P.M., the police were attempting to arrest a person in the immigrant-dominated neighborhood of Rinkeby. That is when the situation escalated rather quickly and developed into a full-scale riot. Journalists that were on the ground reported that the Stockholm suburb resembled a “war zone”.

The refugees began to bombard the police with bricks and Molotov cocktails and it just continued to escalate. According to one police source “The officers were caught between the rioters and their cars and therefore had to shoot at the stone-throwing rioters“.

Here is some of the disturbing footage.

Rioters began to set cars and loot from neighboring shops in this video.

The evidence is clear that Sweden was attacked, but will mainstream media admit that Trump indeed was correct? If I were you I would not hold your breath on that one.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, in order to save face, last week aired a piece in English which claimed that ‘no-go zones’ in the suburbs of Sweden that police were scared of entering, in fact, did not exist.

This attack last night just proves that Trump was correct. Yes, an attack did not happen, but his premise was correct. Sweden took in large numbers of refugees without vetting them and now they have HUGE issues. That is not being deceitful at all, but telling the truth and being transparent. If these countries abroad want to have a constant stream of refugees entering their country, so be it. But, guess what? We don’t want them here, and that is the end of the story.

Hopefully, the Swedish government and the rest of Europe will wise up soon before it is too late.

H/T [ Breitbart ]

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