SWEDEN JIHAD: ISIS Flag and “Pray to Allah” Terror Threat Painted on School Wall

From GWP:

Swedish officials found ISIS graffiti on the wall of a school this week.

The graffiti warned, “Joined ISIS or die,” and included an ISIS flag.

Breitbart.London reported:

What appears to be an Islamic State battle flag has been painted on the wall of a school along with the words’ Pray to Allah or Die’, reports Sweden’s state radio.

Police were called when the graffiti was discovered, but at present they have no suspects for the crime, admits a spokesman. The headmistress of the school told media the sign made her feel “uncomfortable”.

Sweden: ISIS flag and “Pray to Allah or die” painted on wall of school https://t.co/fl03kPiqC0 @TRobinsonNewEra pic.twitter.com/wgcuwnxPUt

— Jihadi Kermit ☮ (@islamlie2) February 4, 2016


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