BREAKING: Picture Of Sweden Terror Suspect Just Released And Everyone Immediately Noticed One BIG Problem

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Earlier today in Sweden there was another suspected terrorist attack. An unidentified male drove a truck through Ahlens Mall around 3.40 pm local time and there are reports of 3 dead and numerous people injured.

The Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said that all the evidence points to this being a terrorist attack. Shortly after the attack, two men were detained by the police, but neither were arrested.

Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said: ”Sweden has been attacked. Everything points to the fact that this is a terrorist attack.”

Now a full manhunt is underway for the suspect and the Swedish police have released an image of who it may be. If you look closely you can tell that this man is not Swedish and looks rather Middle Eastern to me, right?

Take a closer look at the image.

Police have released this image of the suspect.

I mean it does not take a serious detective or eagle eye to tell that this man is not from around those parts.

While I feel bad for the people who were injured in this attack, I don’t understand why they keep their borders open? They have no idea who is walking in or what their intentions are at all.

Here are videos from the scene.

At this point, ISIS has not accepted any claim for this attack or responsibility, but that does not change that it could be them. After all, ISIS was responsible for similar tragedies including the .

I can only hope that the Swedish people will demand border closings and a tougher vetting process. These horrific atrocities will not end until the people push back and demand that it does.

Let us try to keep this image circulating so that the police will be able to apprehend this person of interest.

Here are more photos of the attack.

What do you think of the recent terror attack? Sound off in the comments below!

H/T [ Daily Star ]

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