Swedish Citizen Reveals SICK Truth Of What’s Happening Right Outside His Window That Should Wake America The Hell Up

Donald Trump talked about “what’s happening in Sweden” and everyone goes crazy! What do you mean what’s happening in Sweden?

You don’t notice the crazy amounts of mass Muslim migrant crime? Hmmm. How about some riots? Hmmm. Notice it yet?

Here’s a Swedish resident who’s telling the story about what’s happening in his town. The only person who can speak about this better than a Swedish resident would be if the Muslims posted their own videos incriminating themselves of their crimes.

There you have it folks. The guy tells you EXACTLY what you need to know about the situation in Sweden.

If you can’t believe what a resident says, then who can you believe? To anyone who doubted Donald Trump – how do you feel now that you know what’s really happening in Sweden?

The only time I ever heard about Sweden was when people talked about their bikini team. From what I knew, this was a fun loving place to live where they had barely any problems. Then I find out that Sweden has become a cess pool thanks to the Muslim migrant refugees and their barbaric crime waves.

Now if you wear a bikini in Sweden, then you’ll probably be raped by a Muslim migrant refugee. The sex crimes are out of control!

Yo Muslims – chill out guys! If you want to move somewhere, that’s fine, but no one’s going to let you in if you act like animals. Whenever you move somewhere else, you always try to learn the language and the culture. You do that so that you fit in and assimilate with everyone else. You follow their laws, become a good citizen, and enjoy life. You don’t have to become part of their religion or entirely part of their culture. You can surely remain your own person and keep your own culture and values as long as they abide by the laws in the land that you live.

Look folks – no one wants to deal with invasions of mass criminals. But the problem isn’t US – it’s them. If the Muslim migrant refugees went to new locations and were NICE people who helped make the town a better place to live, then all of America would want them.

But that’s not how it is. These crummy cretins continuously commit crimes.

Sweden is what we will become if they keep acting like this and the liberals let them in.

You know what I say? If you want refugees in America, then you better have a bed for them to sleep on at your house. If you don’t want them in your home, then you’re a hypocrite and your conversation is invalid.

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