OMG! Look What Happened To Swedish Police Who Went Into ‘No-Go-Zones’ To Arrest The Muslim Terrorists

While Swedish authorities were trying to arrest a scumbag Muslim “Allah Akbar” Killer for yesterday’s terrorist attack in Stockholm they were actually pelted with rocks for going into the refugee area of the city. It appears the police were trying to arrest a 17-year-old Jihadist and his mother who were linked to the 39-year-old terrorist who carried out the attack yesterday. Both have since been released, too bad, but let’s not forget, there are a billion more where they came from.

The attack against Swedish authorities is said to have happened last night near Rinkeby, which is part of ‘immigrant no-go zone’ that gained notoriety when just months ago when American President Donald Trump was mocked and ridiculed for his statement claiming Sweden had Muslim Refugee areas which are designated “No Go Zones.”

One interesting turn of events to this whole episode is a Hero Muslim Swedish police officer, Abdallah Ahmed, who posted a few interesting words to Facebook late last night.

‘During the night my colleagues were exposed to stone throwing in Tensta, in the middle of an ongoing terror operation. Some people will never learn. To terror I want to say one thing, in pure Swedish: go to hell. My thoughts go to those affected in every way.’

He then went on to add, ‘Do not pray for Sweden. Stand up for Sweden, fight for Sweden and die for Sweden.’

Ahmed posted the photo below of Swedish police rushing to the scene of the attack.

This courageous man must belong to the 15% who are indeed the “Radical Muslims.” Those few who don’t believe in everything their Quran says and don’t prescribe to the idea that we “infidels” are to be killed so they can go to “Paradise” and have 72 virgin “goats” as their eternal mates.

Let’s take his words to heart everywhere in the world. They are 1 billion in a world of over 6 billion. We won’t be silenced into submission and we won’t be intimidated.  Whoever is against Terror, we got your back!

Source: Daily Mail

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