Swedish Police Just Revealed EXACTLY Who Committed The Acts Of Terrorism, And You’ll Be SHOCKED To Know His Identity

The man suspected of the Stockholm truck attack in Sweden has been revealed as an illegal immigrant. The Swedish police tried so hard to get him deported, but one little bit of missing info prevented them from saving people from the terrible terrorist attack in which he drove a stolen truck laced with explosive/flammable materials into people and then crashing into a storefront.

This man is an illegal immigrant who was wanted for deportation, but the police couldn’t locate the man at any of the addresses they were given for him. It seems as though the wanted terrorist provided fake address and was on the move, possibly changing his locations whenever the police were close to arresting and/or deporting him.

This helps verify the need for strict immigration policies in America. People who come to the country illegally to commit crime need to be hunted down and shipped away.

Swedish police revealed Sunday the Uzbekistan citizen suspected of driving a stolen lorry into crowds killing four on Friday was a rejected asylum seeker who was wanted for deportation.

The 39-year-old man was due to be expelled from Sweden, reports the country’s best-selling newspaper AftonBladet. Police commander Jonas Hysing told the paper “we do not know where they are, so we can not enforce expulsion”, speaking of the many migrants who should be deported from the country but the government keeps no records of their whereabouts.

The officer also confirmed police were aware that the suspect had expressed an interest and sympathy for the Islamic State online.

One of those identified as having died in the attack was a British citizen. Another was Belgian, and two more were Swedish citizens. No identities other than nationalities have yet been made public.

The suspect was wanted for deportation, praising ISIS, and carried out an attack. If he was deported much earlier, then maybe the attack that left four dead and 15 injured could have been prevented. When someone’s request for asylum is denied, then that person should be told IN PERSON and deported on the spot. Sounds inhumane to say or do that, but if it prevents an attack from happening then it is well worth it.

It doesn’t matter what country you’re in, your immigration laws should be handled with care and an aggression level that puts safety first for every country. Some people go to other countries for pleasure and some go for destruction.

Every country on the planet should properly investigate anyone coming to their homeland and be vigilant in removing potential threats. Even if it seems like a harsh thing to do, the people entering any country should be checked out properly.

No security method will be 100% accurate and every country has their own criminal citizens, but at least people can try to prevent crimes from happening.

Immigration standards should be raised. Sweden just had an ISIS sympathizer run wild and drive a stolen truck into a storefront while targeting children in the attack.

We need to prevent those terrible attacks from happening as much as we can.

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