Syrian Girl Just Delivered SHOCKING Message To Trump After People See What’s In Her Video

Syrian Girl Just Delivered SHOCKING Message To Trump After People See What's In Her Video

After hiding from a gas attack that the president of her home country dropped on his people, a little 7-year-old Syrian girl dropped a bomb of her own in a message to America’s leader. Having spent most of her short life suffering under Bashar al Assad’s regime and Russian’s involvement there, Bana Alabed had something to say after everyone saw what was in her video.

Alabed first became known to the Western world when she made a desperate plea for help on social media, with her mother’s assistance. She detailed the horrors of her daily life in East Aleppo in a video her mom filmed of her and shared on Twitter, where it went viral. She made occasional updates on the terrifying situation in subsequent weeks, but went strangely silent in December, Fox News reported. People who had been following her feared she had been killed. Now, she’s emerged for the first time, in a long time, with news for President Trump who just dropped 59 missiles on Syria.

The controversy continues over Trump’s assertive move to prove that America is back in power and human atrocities committed by Assad will no longer be tolerated. While it’s easy to be an armchair critic over foreign policy when you’re not the one living every second of your life in fear it will be your last, little Alabed has an opinion on the matter that really means something.

After the 7-year-old and her mother were evacuated from Syria and sent to Turkey and Assad had used chemical weapons on his own people, she pleaded with anyone who would listen: “This is my message to the leaders of the world: it’s never too late. Save the people of Syria now.” Nobody had done a thing up until this point that allowed Syria to become what it is today. Now, a new leader is in charge who heard her and responded with force that many Americans disagree with, but Alabed appreciated.

The little girl sent shockwaves on Twitter yesterday when she released another tweet thank Trump for what he did. “I am a Syrian child who suffered under Bahar al Asad & Putin. I welcome Donald Trump action against the killers of my people,” she said in the now viral video.

Syrian Girl Just Delivered SHOCKING Message To Trump After People See What's In Her Video

While the world watches and Americans fight over the counter attack being right or wrong, this little victim who has suffered far more than any American could fathom has a valid opinion on the matter. She has waited all of her life for someone to step in and stop the atrocities so she could live a life free from fear. Trump was the leader to do it and makes no apologies for putting his foot down, especially after a big thank you like this from a little girl who can rest a little easier now.

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