SYRIAN REFUGEE Gets $400k Per Year In Benefits Claiming 4 Wives And 23 Kids!

Anyone pushing for our government to “do something” on the issue of refugee resettlement needs to realize that all they’ll accomplish by resettling refugees in the West is virtue signaling to their Facebook friends how progressive and tolerant they are.

If you really want the US government to help refugees, the most efficient way to do so would be to fund resettlement in the middle east. How do I know this? Because for the cost of resettling one Syrian refugee in America, we could resettle twelve in the middle east. In other words, for the cost of the 10,000 Obama has brought into America, we could’ve helped 120,000 people.


And yet Obama will be the one history remembers as the “compassionate” one.

Of course, the $12,874 figure above is a bit of a low-ball if you take into account those with extenuating circumstances….. like having four wives and twenty-three children.

Apparently, the government most generous when it comes to welcoming in refugees (Germany) is not only allowing refugees in such circumstances in, they’re subsidizing them without restraint. As Dennis Michael Lynch reported:

Obama-ally Angela Merkel and the German government are awarding a Syrian refugee man $400,000-a-year to support his family of four wives and 23 children. After fleeing Syria last year, the refugee known as Ghazia A settled in Montabour, Rhineland-Palatinate to start a new life.

Since polygamous marriages are not recognized in Germany, Ghazia chose one of his four women as his “main wife.” He then settled his other three families in the surrounding area; though the term “settled” and “surrounding” should be used lightly, since some of his family members have been dispersed as far as 31 miles away.

Thus, Ghazia has had trouble holding a job. According to the former mechanic, under Islamic law “it is [his] duty to visit every family and to be with them,” leaving him no time to work and earn a paycheck. He is now using a German “exemption” law to attain government benefits to provide for his families.

The German Employers’ Association revealed Ghazia’s family is entitled to receive 358246.63 Euros ($390032.00, £320,000) per year due to Ghazia’s unique circumstances. The figure may be lower, since one of Ghazia’s daughters has recently moved to Saudi Arabia to be married.

Why is the German public putting up with this? Their entire budget surplus (yes – their government actually produces a surplus) has been earmarked for migrants. Why not just spend one tenth of that and resettle them in the middle east instead?

The cost of refugee resettlement is much more than just fiscal. We’ve all heard about the mass sex attacks in Germany, and the “cultural” justification given for it.

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