TAKE IT OFF!: Veteran Makes Stolen Valor Phony Remove Uniform [VIDEO]


From Conversational Times: You know how I know you’re not in the Army? Because you took the uniform off when you were challenged!

We’ve seen stolen valor videos that involved chasing people into traffic, videos that involved a little slapping around and videos that involved entire news crews. What we haven’t seen is a video where the phony took the uniform off in public while still claiming they were a veteran.

Stolen valor is the phenomenon of people lying about their military service or making up service completely, typically in an effort to gain attention or take advantage of benefits for veterans. According to Stars & Stripes:

Some phonies, with zero military experience, create their stories from whole cloth.

Others, having served an honorable but peaceful stint in the military, choose to embellish their records and “spice up” an otherwise unremarkable career.

Yet others, who are legitimate combat veterans – some of whom were decorated for bravery – also embellish an already-impressive military resume.

The common thread is that these folks are lying in public about their military service. It’s nothing new – there are stories going back many centuries of people boasting of their war record, and sooner or later are found to be lying.


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