Taliban not a terrorist group: White House


The slaughter of moderate Afghans, the gassing of girls schools, their brutal treatment of women, imposing the vicious sharia, bombing of markets, police stations and schools — what exactly is Obama’s definition of a terrorist? According to the United Nations, the Taliban and their allies were responsible for 75% of Afghan civilian casualties in 2010, 80% in 2011, and 80% in 2012.

Didn’t the jihadist in the white house have Malala Yousafzai to the Oval Office for a private meeting? Who does he think shot her in the head for wanting an education outside of the Qur’an?

Obama campaigned on the war against the Taliban. Afghanistan was the right war, the good war. Remember? Further proof of the evil we have installed in the most powerful office in the world. Iran, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haram… all enjoying the covert and overt support of this infiltrator.

white house tells reporters that Taliban are not a terrorist group,” BizPac Review, January 28, 2015


If any more proof was needed that the White House just doesn’t get it when it comes to Islamic terrorism, Wednesday provided it.

At the white house regular daily news briefing, Principal Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz responded to a question posed by ABC’s chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl.

Karl pressed Schultz on the Obama administration’s negotiations for the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was traded for five top-level Taliban commanders in May, compared to Jordan’s negotiations with the Islamic State for the release of a downed pilot.

“You say the United States does not give in to demands…does not pay ransom,” Karl said. “How is what the Jordanians are talking about doing any different than what the United States did to get the release of Bergdahl?”

Schultz’s response was telling.

“The Taliban is an armed insurgency and ISIL is a terrorist group,” Schultz said. “So we don’t make concessions to terrorist groups.”

When Karl asked if he considers the Taliban a terrorist group, Shultz thought for a moment then answered.

“The Taliban is an armed insurgency,” he said.

If the White House ever wants a theme song, perhaps it ought to consider “Out of Touch” by Hall & Oates.

—Courtesy of Pamela Gellar

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