Target Bowed Down to Shariah Law in a Disgusting Way, Has Nothing to Do With The Hijab.


From Conservative Tribune: Some Muslim cashiers employed in Minneapolis by Target refused to ring up any products that contain pork, arguing that doing so would have apparently violated their religious beliefs, which mandate that Muslims neither sell nor handle pork.

One would assume that these employees knew their duties would include checking out grocery shoppers who were purchasing pork when they applied for the position, but perhaps not.

Regardless, rather than fire these insurgent rabble-rousers, Target instead chose to shift them to other positions or transfer them to other stores.

“We are confident that this is a reasonable solution for our guests and team members,” Target spokeswoman Paula Thornton-Greear defensively said in a statement emailed to the Associated Press.

Greear also claimed that this is “a local problem only” — and that even then, it’s not a commonplace issue “in the Minneapolis market overall.”

Yet reports indicate that Target had to transfer more than a dozen Muslim cashiers.

Furthermore, Target is not the only business under attack in Minneapolis. Muslim cab drivers who work for the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport object to picking up passengers who are carrying any form of alcohol.

This too has become an issue — one that is being reviewed by the Metropolitan Airports Commission, which is expected to vote on the matter sometime in April (H/T Fox News).

Here, we can say with virtual certainty that airport travelers were carrying alcohol with them long before these Muslims applied for their positions as cab drivers.

If Muslims wish to avoid any contact with pork or alcohol, that of course is their choice. There is no law forcing them to work with either product.

However, if they wish to do so, they would be well-advised to find employment in areas that do not regularly interact with Americans who are carrying such products. Because we’re not going to give these things up in the name of tolerance, Allah, political correctness or any other higher power the left wishes to invoke.

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