YOUR TAX DOLLARS: Obama Administration Plans to Announce First National Gay Monument

Ever wonder what the Obama administration is up to these days? This is it. Building gay stuff. The monument will be gay in the dude on dude sense. Not gay as in lame. But that too. Obama lackeys are planning a national park to celebrate a culture that celebrates itself by parading the streets in rainbow thongs. Meanwhile thousands continue to die at the hands of “JV team” ISIS. Priorities.

The Obama Administration is preparing to announce the nation’s first monument to gay liberation, Stonewall National Park, which will be located in New York City…

The historic designation will encompass the Stonewall Inn bar, Christopher Park, a sliver of green space across the street from the bar, and parts of the surrounding neighborhood.

[T]he National Park Service will designate the area as historic in time for the city’s pride celebration, which commemorates June 28, 1969, the day corrupt cops raided Stonewall Inn only to be surprised by an intense rebellion by bar patrons and locals fed up with police harassment.

Real money is going to be spent on making a bar and a “green sliver of space” into a national park.

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Apparently the President “made it clear that he’s committed to ensuring our national parks help Americans better understand the places and stories that make this nation great…” Forgive my ignorance, but I don’t think a story about a bunch of drunk homos holed up in a bar shooting at cops is very moving. It doesn’t exactly scream American nationalism. Is it worthy of a national monument? Eh. Maybe a blip in a 1,000 page history book at most.

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If the LGBTQABCDEFG want to erect their own monument, they should do that. Don’t be surprised if it’s a 100 ft tall neon pink dildo. It doesn’t have to be government funded. The gays claim that they simply want to be treated normally, like everyone else. Not everyone gets a park, though. Do you have a park? ‘Cause I don’t have a heterosexual park. What would our monument be? The mind wanders…

After the gay monument is completed the trannies will feel left out and threaten suicide if they don’t get their monument too (see Staggering Transgender Suicide Rates… Blamed on Labeled Restrooms). Then the asexuals. Then the pansexuals. Then the polyamorists. It’ll be non-gender-normative chaos.

Whether or not the government should be spending legitimate dollar bills on something like this is debatable. Just kidding, no it’s not. Government should not erect monuments to the straights anymore than it should erect monuments which honor erections. Sexualities shouldn’t get monuments. Fallen soldiers and actual heroes? Sure. Men who can legally marry other men? No.

This is just proof that the feds spend cash like it’s Monopoly money. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. If we’ve learned anything from Obama in the past 8 years, it’s that he’ll do anything to make history. Even if it’s gay history.


Speaking of gayness and bravery, here’s a man pretending to be gay, going into Muslim bakeries, asking for gay cakes. You’re welcome.

Via Louder With Crowder

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