Tea Party Was An American Turning Point And Deserves Respect

Pawlenty, Santorum Attend Tea Party Tax Day Rally At NH State House

The primary election in California is an interesting one to watch. In my local races we have a democrat finding his new opponent in November to be a “tea party extremist” in his own words. He has also “met plenty of republicans that will not vote for him because he is tea party too far right.” The attitude and outright disgust with anyone attached to the Tea Party movement is always on display and even so much as to use a vulgar saying to represent people that are just trying to curb spending waste.

The tea party in 1776 was made up of heroic Americans willing to risk death and imprisonment to stand up to a tyrannical leader that was trampling on the feet values and rights that make up the wonderful place we live in today. For a group to come out with the same ideal as that basically and instantly be branded with a vulgar saying such as “tea baggers”. They are not talking about hot water.   It is disrespectful to the brave men that night that did a valiant and heroic thing for this country.   I have been to the rallies. I have seen the people that are supportive of this movement and they are very nice people. They don’t deserve to be branded “extremists” “racists” or “tea baggers”.

Is it wrong to want to return to the constitution for guidance for this country? No. Is it wrong to want to curb the outright waste and spending going on at even the highest tiers of our government? No. Is it wrong to want to give people incentive to get out and work rather than stay home and cash a check? No. The truth is the government would rather you stay home and not work hard to better yourself and therefore be dependent upon the govt. Just like common core education. Smart enough to work a dead end job but not smart enough to see what they are doing while you are looking the other way.   The truth is the democrats love the Tea Party. It’s all about divide and conquer. It’s all about the very thing that is happening in California tonight. The tea party and republicans split and got 2nd and 3rd.   That’s first and second loser. How are we to win like this? What do we need to do? Is it always concede? Then who? Is this country ready for real conservative republican that believes the constitution is the only way to save this country? I hope so.

Nick Lopez

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