Teacher Stomps On American Flag In Front Of Students, What Happened Next Is Shocking

From BuzzPo

Illinois teacher Jordan Parmenter is facing some serious backlash after publicly stomping on the American flag at the public school he taught at.

Parmenter, an employee of the Martinsville school district in a tiny rural town, was unanimously voted to be dismissed by a school board vote of 6 to 0. Action to dismiss him was immediate.

He had previously been placed on administrative leave after trampling a U.S. flag in class in mid-May of last year. Students claimed he was using the flag as a pointer, but when a student argued he was misusing it, he dropped it on the floor and thrashed it with his feet.

“He talked about it being the right to do whatever he wants,” one student recalls. “That’s why it was there so he could do whatever he wants, but we have no idea why he would actually take it down and basically start all this.”

Parmenter has written a letter of apology for his severely disrespectful actions, claiming he mean to teach a lesson on the freedom of speech.

Thankfully, he will no longer be teaching students such hateful “lessons.”

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