Teacher’s ‘Extra Credit’ Riot Assignment Against Trump Just Backfired In EXCRUCIATING Fashion

On Monday a brave high school student from Houston Texas has come forward with very sad information about what has taken place in his High School classroom. Christian McKneely has revealed that his teacher assaulted him and also gave students extra credit if they protested against President Trump’s campaign.

McKneely explained that last week he was messing around in his high school classroom when he told another student, “That’s gay.” McKneely’s teacher apparently took offense to what was said and quickly accused the student, a minor, of homophobia. McKneely said the teacher got so upset at him that she punched him in the chest when he was on his cell phone trying to tell his father what had happened.

In addition to last weeks alleged assault McKneely also said during Monday’s press conference that the teacher had offered students extra credit for going to an anti-Trump demonstration during the presidential campaign. He said that gave extra credit for anyone who showed up for an anti-Trump rally being held downtown. He made it a point to point out the fact that he didn’t go, so he got no extra credit and that he didn’t know if anybody has gotten any.

An anonymous student describes the political indoctrination he experienced in his school:

“I just graduated high school and the head of the English department is a radical feminist, and she teaches 6 different English classes, sophomores and seniors… and in AP Literature we have a feminism unit, a white privilege unit, and other crap, and she told her students to take BuzzFeed ‘how privileged are you’ test. We did a unit about gender roles and how they are bad and we need to break free of them…. In history class this past year, I had one semester with one teacher, and second semester with another. In first semester, we watched a pro Hillary documentary the day of the election (some students were 18 and could vote and that swayed their vote to Hillary). And in the same class we watched a pro-ILLEGAL immigration documentary. Yes, ILLEGAL immigration. It was all about how illegals are nice and changing some guy’s mind about it in the movie. In second semester with a different teacher, we watched an anti-gun documentary, a biased police brutality documentary that disrespected police officers a lot (police brutality is awful and never acceptable of course but they portrayed it so wrong and leftist), we watched youtube videos against the trump travel ban. And videos against the electoral college. It made all the students think Trump didn’t deserve to win even though he campaigned in a way catered to the electoral college. it’s not unfair, he played by the rule and won all the important swing states. The teacher also said that the United States taking in ‘only 50,000 refugees a year isn’t that many,’ and made the class feel like we should take in more. In government class we were discussing current events and remember that nonsense thing with Mike Pence and his AOL server? It wasn’t comparable at all to what Hillary did and Pence literally didn’t do anything wrong or illegal. He didn’t smash blackberries for fucks sake. It’s not comparable to Hillary at all. And the teacher said to the class, ‘So guys isn’t this a bit hypocritical? Is this a big deal?’ And the zombified class was like, ‘yeahhh…’ and I said out loud, ‘No, it’s not.’ And the teacher shushed me and waved her hand at me to dismiss my comment. When I was a junior (2015-2016), I had a really nice history teacher but when we got to the part in US history about Roe V Wade, she literally told us what opinion to have about abortion. Pro choice obviously. And she also told us that Trump is racist. And a bigot and whatever. I don’t mind political opinions from teachers personally but I think they have a responsibility not to say that to the class. My art teacher is my friend but … he wants socialism. ‘Democratic socialism,’ he says. I only got interested in politics once Trump started running, so I wasn’t even paying attention to bias in classrooms before that… but I’m sure there was so much liberal crap that me and other kids just absorbed without even noticing.”


When asked the school district did confirm they had received multiple reports of the assault but had never heard of the Anti-Trump protest extra credit.

No child should be assaulted by his their teacher, but I have serious issues with this case. It’s obvious the teacher did assault him, but why did he wait till he was assaulted to say anything about the extra credit scheme? Seems a little convenient that it was never mentioned before the teacher assaulted him, don’t you think? I do understand he is only a high school student, but I think there is a bigger issue here and it needs to be investigated. We have already lost control of our schools, colleges, and universities, maybe this would be a good time to investigate and make an example?

Please share if you agree we need to rid our schools of Militant Liberal teachers….

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