Teachers receive steady dose of ‘white privilege’ lectures at national training conference


via EAG NEWS: BALTIMORE, Md. – Critics of “Critical Race Theory” and its evil twin “White Privilege Theory” are exposing the racist agenda promoted at The National Summit for Courageous Conversations 2015 conference for educators.

The conference, which took place in Baltimore October 10, spawned from President Obama’s call for “a national conversation on race” and follows efforts by his administration to set up varying expectations and disciplinary measures for students based on race.

PJ Media highlighted many of the topics at this year’s conference, virtually all of which center on the theory that America’s “white supremacist” society is hopelessly stacked against minorities, and the only way for educators to reach them is by acknowledging their own “white privilege” and apologize for it.

One workshop, titled “White Privilege, White Responsibility: Deepening Our Commitment as White Allies in the Struggle for Racial Equality in Schools,” explained that “to achieve racial equality in schools, all educators must be able to identify and communicate where their own personal whiteness plays out in the classroom, school, and community systems,” according to a program description cited by PJ Media.

got-privilege1“Deepen your ability to focus a critical lens on your own whiteness and privilege and see how they impact your life,” it reads. “Through the tenants of Critical Race Theory, analyze how society constructs whiteness as the dominant norm in the U.S. Explore what it means to be a white educator leading for racial equality without perpetuating a system of white dominance.”

Another workshop, titled “From a Place of Privilege – Diversity to Equity: How One NYC Private School is Working to Establish Curriculum for Ongoing Racial Identity Development in Grades 5-8,” describes how to “brainwash 10-year-old white girls away from their instinctively colorblind attitude that all people are equal, regardless of skin color, and to dismantle their unacceptable ‘rigid sense of fairness,’ and replace it with a hyper-conscious awareness of both the existence of race and the difference between races…,” PJ Media reports.

The aim, according to the site, is “to internalize in the girls a self-loathing of their own ‘whiteness’ – which is the last of the program’s ‘Six Conditions’ and the goal of every ‘conversation about race.’”

Most of the concepts and theories espoused at The National Summit for Courageous Conversation 2015 is promoted to public school teachers in hundreds of school districts across the nation through the Pacific Educational Group, a group aligned with Obama’s race-based school discipline approach that conducts very expensive teacher training sessions.

PJ Media elaborates:

Pacific Educational Group did not dream up this race-centric approach all on its own. Its practices are based on an academic discipline called “Critical Race Theory,” which is so commonplace in modern academia as to no longer even be controversial. But outside a university environment, few people have even heard of it — and the few that have are usually shocked and outraged. …

Much of Critical Race Theory revolves around the concept of “whiteness,” which is not simply a skin color or racial identification but rather a state of moral turpitude: To have “whiteness” means that you personally share blame for all of society’s ills. It doesn’t matter whether or not you think prejudiced thoughts or treat anyone badly; it doesn’t matter whether or not your ancestors owned slaves or instead were abolitionists fighting to free slaves; it doesn’t matter whether or not your ancestors immigrated to the United Sates in the 20th century long after slavery was outlawed; it doesn’t matter whether you’re left-wing or right-wing or apolitical; what matters is that all of American society is inherently racist and favors white people, so that if you “look white,” you benefit from a racist system, and you are therefore part of that system, and therefore racist, and therefore (to peel away the euphemisms) evil. All “Caucasian” or pale-skinned people are genetically cursed with “whiteness,” which they cannot escape or disown, but people of other skin colors and ethnicities can also possess whiteness if they conform to “white norms” and refuse to embrace anti-whiteness activism.

EAGnews has exposed PEG’s client list, which was later removed from its website, and spoken with numerous teachers who have received its training, or work in schools that employ its approach. Virtually all educators who have contacted EAGnews strongly oppose the race-based approach to education and contend it breeds chaos in the classroom.

EAGnews has also requested public information pertaining PEG training and travel expenses to attend The National Summit for Courageous Conversation conference. The St. Paul, Minnesota school district, for example, spent a whopping $60,000 for educators to attend that conference and a White Privilege Conference in Madison, Wisconsin during the 2013-14 school year.

A total of 42 school districts that responded to public information requests about the cost of PEG trainings contend they paid the company a combined $3.9 million between 2010 and 2015.

The districts included Pittsburgh Public Schools, which shelled out $586,300 over four years; the Osseo, Minnesota school district, which spent $533,800 with PEG over three years; and Baltimore County Public Schools, which racked up $427,000.

Other districts spending big on PEG contracts include Lawrence Public Schools in Kansas ($362,750), Talbot County Public Schools in Maryland ($259,100), and the Bellevue School District in Washington ($237,100).

A list of all districts that reported spending on PEG’s controversial teacher training sessions is available atEAGnews.

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