Teachers Are Taking VERY Direct Action to Fight Common Core (VIDEO)


Teachers in one state are so fed up with Common Core that they’re fighting it in their own way.

They’re resigning from their jobs, in volume.

In just the past month, more than twenty Florida school teachers in the Osceola County School District have thrown in the towel.

That leaves the district hurting even more – as they already had at least fifty vacancies in the district.

The teachers who are resigning are taking such drastic action because they’re sick and tired of Obama’s Common Core teaching methods.

Apryl Jackson of the the Osceola County Education Association told reporters, “Ultimately, the problem that we’re having now is the quality of education that our students are getting is not what it should be.”

That’s directly thanks to Common Core.

Teachers and students are confused in the classroom, which leads to lower morale on the teachers’ side and so much frustration for the students that they simply give up.

No one said learning had to be super fun all the time, but it certainly can’t be counter-productive, which is exactly what Common Core makes it.

“They’re required to do more and more in their classrooms in less time,” Jackson said about the increased workload that comes with the Common Core curriculum.

We can’t blame the teachers – many know and understand that the federal government shouldn’t be involved in the classroom (though their unions rarely agree).

It’s hurting everyone and it has to be stopped, completely. The ultimate way to send a message is by jumping ship.

If enough teachers banded together around the country and threatened to resign, it’s probably a safe bet that their voices would be heard.

School districts would hit the panic button and start making phone calls pretty quickly.

A channel 9 reporter asked school board member Jay Wheeler if there was a chance the district could end up suing the Florida Department of Education over Common Core.

Wheeler responded, “If we sue the Department of Education, that’s taxpayers suing taxpayers.”

He’s leaning toward “getting lawmakers on their side,” which is probably the least likely outcome.

Without resignations or legal power fighting Common Core, nothing is going to change.

Perhaps the school board will learn that as they struggle to fill 70 vacancies in their district

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