Teachers to Wear Black Lives Matter Shirts to Class to Protest ‘Systemic Oppression’

Clueless grade school teachers at John Muir elementary school in Washington state, plan to wear Black Lives Matter shirts in order to protest of so-called systemic oppression is hilarious.

I didn’t know being an idiotic social justice LOSER was a requirement on the John Muir lesson plans.

What’s the objective of this lesson? Students will be able to loot stores, create violent crowds, burn down buildings, and know how to properly light a cop car on fire in order to riot every time an armed thug is appropriately gunned down by a police officer?

Is the common core standard aligned with crying racism every time an ARMED criminal threat is eliminated?

I thought teachers were smart? What went wrong at John Muir? Are these teachers from that rag tag bunch of three-years and quit crew called Teach for America?

This is what Black Lives Matter is all about and literally nothing else.


Breitbart – Teacher Jennifer Whitney came up with the idea to make T-shirts that read, “Black Lives Matter: We Stand Together” with the school’s name, John Muir Elementary, on the bottom, KING 5 reported.

Whitney said she wanted to promote discussions about race, particularly with high incarceration rates and low college graduation rates among people of color.

Here’s what Black Lives Matter is best at!

Jennifer Whitney wants to promote discussions about race? How about discussing that racism died many years ago and the only people who bring it up are racists and the mainstream media. Is Jennifer Whitney secretly a racist?

The mainstream media stirs the pot a lot, we all know that.

Jennifer Whitney wants to talk about high incarceration rates? How about talking about not breaking the law and getting locked up? It makes more sense teaching kids how to stay out of jail than it does to complain about how many crooks are locked up.

Jennifer Whitney wants to talk about low college graduation rates among people of color. OK, then why doesn’t she ask black high school students why they don’t show up to class? Why doesn’t she talk to the parents about the students who always skip class and don’t graduate high school? It’s not OUR fault that these terrible parents won’t discipline their children and don’t care if their kids drop out of high school and spend the rest of their life in prison or crying for $15 an hour at Burger King.

Jennifer Whitney should throw these horrid shirts in the trash and reassess herself in the mirror before her trek to school each morning.

She’s clueless and going in the wrong direction.

Is she trying to impress a black guy who she wants to date?

Teachers are a poorly paid, under-thanked, and unappreciated group of individuals. However, the teachers at John Muir could possibly be the worst teachers I’ve ever heard of.

Wearing these shirts is like putting on the white KKK hats. Black Lives Matter is the clan with the tan.

Black Lives Matter is a racist hate group who does NOTHING positive for any black lives. As Breitbart’s Milo once said, “black lives don’t matter to Black Lives Matter.” I say it all the time too, but he said it first. Well, maybe he didn’t say it first, but he’s more popular so he gets credit. He also has nicer hair.

And if you missed it, here’s the extremely famous rapper LiL Wayne stating that racism isn’t a thing, and Shannon Sharpe trying hard to bring racism back. If it was, then a majority of white voters wouldn’t have chosen Obama for the White House.

What a mistake that was.

Just like it’s a mistake to support a racist group of looters known as Black Lives Matter.

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