Tebow DISMANTLES national anthem protests in one sentence…BOOM!

What do Tim Tebow and Colin Kaepernick have in common? Neither is a starting quarterback in the NFL.

The other difference is that Tim Tebow is a man of high class and well respected. The other is an idiot.

Tim Tebow was very short on words when a reporter asked him about Colin Kaepernick’s protest towards the National Anthem and not honoring a country who oppresses black people.

Tebow is known for his religious antics, “Tebowing” celebration, and not being able to make it on another NFL team.


His comments about Kaepernick were as follows…

“When people have belief in something,” said Tebow, “or conviction in something, trying to stand for that is a good thing, and it’s all about standing for it the right way.’

Keyword is “STANDING” which Kaepernick should do considering he earns millions for not being a starter on the 49ers. He’s a high paid bench player and he’s being disrespectful to the fans and Americans.

If he wants to protest, that’s cool, but he should do it on his own time. He can do it on Twitter, Facebook, outside of a McDonald’s next to people asking for $15 an hour. He can go on tour and to a Black Lives Matter riot. He can do a lot of things to gain attention for his silly little protest.

And let’s not forget that NO ONE in this country is oppressed.

Claiming you’re oppressed is really you admitting you’re lazy and don’t want to work for anything.

How did Obama become President? Was he oppressed? We have a black President. The guy clearly worked to get where he is, so he wasn’t oppressed.

Name one person who IS oppressed and I guarantee I can tell you why they are not.

I can tell you what they can do to better themselves.

I can tell you why oppression is nothing but a lazy excuse for not filling out a job application and doing something with your life.

If anyone is oppressed, its anyone who lose jobs to that scam called Affirmative Action.

Tim Tebow was short on words because he’s smart enough not to get himself involved with negative press. He’s too busy working on his career path.

Good for Tim and I hope he lands a roster spot on the New York Mets. God knows the Mets need help!

Screw Kaepernick.

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