Ted Cruz ANNIHILATES Whiny Anti-Trump Protesters in Just 46 seconds (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz spoke with FOX and Friends about the violent leftist protesters who can’t accept the results of a fair election, who can’t believe there isn’t a participation award, and who are stupid enough to be classless losers and crybabies with safety pins.


Here’s Ted Cruz and his wonderful words to the whiny little spineless losers who are adults crying on college campuses, blocking traffic, telling people to RAPE MELANIA, and overall – embarrassing America.


And it only took Ted Cruz about 45 seconds to demolish the classless behavior of the intolerant leftist liberals and democrats.

Why is it that the left cannot accept a fair defeat? Their candidate lost to Donald Trump, a guy with NO political experience, who was a guest on a wrestling show, has some real estate, grabs women by the p*ssy, and Hillary STILL COULDN’T WIN!


That’s right folks. You see, just because Donald Trump has no experience and said a few naughty things (who hasn’t), the people are tired of the typical American leftist government.

No one wants a democrat President because the democrats hate everything that makes America awesome.

I’m sick and tired of the politically correct agenda pushed by the losers who get offended at every little off-color joke.

Screw those people really hard with a cactus.

I am extremely glad that Donald Trump will be our next President because it stands to fight against the weakly lemmings of the left.

No more political correctness.

Ted Cruz is sick of this intolerant baby behavior and so am I.

Imagine seeing your child on TV protesting an election, as if it’s going to change anything, and your kid is the one maniac nut-job holding up a sign that says RAPE MELANIA. Proud parent or embarrassed?

Isn’t everyone sick of these crybabies?

If there was a poster child for how to be a p*ssy, it would just be pictures of these whiny brats crying at college because their candidate lost.


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