Sen. Ted Cruz had a little reminder for his fellow Republicans about why they were elected.

And, as usual, he wasn’t shy about sharing it.

Cruz was speaking as the Senate debated the “Cromibus” bill to fund the government for a year, but the Department of Homeland Security for only three months.

“In all likelihood,” he said, “in a matter of hours or a matter of days, the Senate is going to pass this massive, pork-filled mess of a bill — trillion dollar-plus amnesty that is paying off lobbyists throughout this town.”

Cruz said that, despite funding DHS temporarily, Republican leadership in both houses of Congress have committed to fighting President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty after Republicans take control of the Senate next month.

“They have said repeatedly that in just a few weeks, help is on the way,” Cruz said. “In just a few weeks, Republicans will be the majority in this body. In just a few weeks, we will have a new majority leader.”

But Cruz wanted to be sure that Republicans — especially new members of the House and Senate who won their seats in November — understand that the American people are sick of talk that isn’t followed up by action.

“When the Republican leaders say this bill is all designed so that come January and February, just a few weeks from now, we will see both houses stand together and make clear that when the Continuing Resolution expires for the Department of Homeland Security, this body will not appropriate money to DHS to carry out President Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional executive amnesty, I take them at their word,” he said.

But then the Texas Republican issued his warning to fellow party members.

“But I would note that a whole lot of citizens across this country feel a little bit like Charlie Brown with Lucy and the football, where in fight after fight, leadership in Congress says, ‘We’ll fight next time,’” he noted.

“There comes a time when Charlie Brown has kicked the football and fallen on his rear end one too many times.”

At one point in his speech, Cruz invoked Reagan’s famous dictum, “Trust but verify,” and promised that Republicans will be held accountable for their actions over the next several months.

“So when our leaders in both chambers say, as a commitment, ‘We will fight and we will stop President Obama’s illegal amnesty, I take them at their word,” he warned. “But I am confident the American people will hold them to their word.”

As Cruz pointed out, Republicans campaigned on two major promises: to fight againstPresident Obama’s signature Obamacare law and to stop his illegal executive amnesty.

By March, the American people will be able to see very clearly whether those promises were any good — or whether Lucy plans to yank the football away one more time.

Courtesy of Conservative Tribune

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