Ted Cruz Completely WRECKS Bernie Sanders By Using Actual Numbers — Even The Socialist Was Shocked!

Two former Presidential candidates, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders debated last night in a townhall style forum on CNN. The subject of the debate was on the “future of ObamaCare,” which Sanders taking the pro-ObamaCare position, even though he actually supports an even more radical position: the government taking over healthcare entirely.

The approach between the two couldn’t be any more different. It wasn’t just socialism vs. conservativism, it was populist rhetoric vs. facts and statistics. Sanders arguments were a morality play, while Cruz was rooted in reality.

Even Bernie was shocked.

As Louder with Crowder reported:

Behold, Ted Cruz beating Bernie Sanders to death with numbers. Sit back, grab a drink. Enjoy!

Watch below, as he points out why Bernie’s healthcare plan is impossible:

At some point though, Ted Cruz was simply striking an old man. There’s only so much one is allowed to destroy the other before common decency takes over. Me, personally? I’m okay with this old fogie getting taken out back and pistol-whipped in the wrinkly mug. I find it soothing. It’s like Enya playing in the background, only it inspires me to greater heights of maniacal laughter. But for everyone else watching an old socialist getting knocked around from pillar to post?

Another key statistic from Cruz that was fascinating: if we confiscated all the income of those earning over $1 million a year, it would only raise enough money to fund Bernie’s plan for five months.

What if they confiscated the assets of Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Exxon Mobile? That would pay for one whole year of Bernie’s plan. And those are five of the biggest companies in the WORLD!

His face went from “haha nice try using economics and logic there Ted” to this in the matter of seconds:


Everyone saw a likeable side of Cruz last night – and he absolutely trounced Bernie. If these two are at it again on the Presidential trail in eight years, it’s obvious who will come out on top.

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