Teen Charged With Murdering Unborn Baby. Leftists Ignore HUGE Irony…

In Pittsburgh, a teenager has been convicted of third degree murder for killing a pregnant woman’s unborn child. Yes, Pittsburgh. As in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Where abortion is still perfectly legal.

At seven months pregnant, Delgado [15] was shot four times when she answered the door at her home on Friendship Street, police said. Delgado survived the shooting but lost her baby after having emergency surgery. Eric Taylor was 15 at the time of the shooting. [He] was found guilty Thursday of third-degree murder… attempted homicide, aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person and firearms violations after a jury trial…

This raises an issue. Tragedies like this perfectly illustrate the absurdity of the law when it comes to the unborn. There’s still no restriction on abortion in nine of our states (Bernie on Abortion: ‘Anytime, Anywhere.’ Why He’s an Evil Bastard). That means there’s no law regarding how late into the pregnancy you can flush your unwanted kid down the toilet. Or in Planned Parenthood’s case, maybe even sell his organs on the black market.

Had this gal driven herself out to D.C. and done the deed herself, it would simply be considered an abortion. And another success for feminism.


I’m sure feminists would argue that it wasn’t the guy’s body, therefore it wasn’t his “choice” to kill the baby. So he violated her rights. Not the baby’s. Feminists are super predictable that way. But he’s being charged with murder for killing the baby… not simply assault on the woman’s body. That means the state is clearly recognizing that the baby has its own life, separate from the mother. Complete with human rights and everything. The whole package. If that’s the case, why does she have the “right” to stomp all over that by aborting said baby?


I can already hear all the feminist pigheads squealing, “Shooting a pregnant woman is not the same as getting an abortion!!!!” And to that I say: obviously. But the outcome remains the same. A life has been lost. The only difference here is that the mom wanted to keep her baby. So according to the law, the qualifying factor for the right to live is whether or not you’re wanted. If someone wants you around, you get to live.

Bad news for feminists… since nobody wants you.

Yeah, Planned Parenthood wants to abort babies. They make lots of money doing it. Watch this video where Abby Johnson breaks down how it works…

Via Louder with Crowder

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