Teen Finds Out What Happens If You Pass Out Drunk Around Muslim ‘Refugees’

via MWN: In a story with so many twists it’s enough to make any decent human being completely sick, a white teen girl learned the hard way what happens if you pass out drunk with refugees. What’s worse, it was all caught on video, but that’s not even the sickest part. In just 10 words, one of the refugees told us all we need to know to keep them out of our civilized society for good.

While investigating a possible radicalized 14-year-old male student, Belgian police discovered a video that should be enough to make everyone want to put an end to the “refugee crisis” plaguing European nations. In it, the teen suspect and six others are implicated in the gang rape of a 17-year-old unconscious girl. Unsurprisingly, five of the suspects are reported to be Iraqi immigrants, RT reports.

Belgian police (Source: Daily Mail)

After their victim passed out from drinking too much alcohol, the rapist reportedly whipped out more than just a camera phone to capture their devious deeds. In the vile video, the assailants are seen laughing, singing, and dancing around the incapacitated white teen, as they pull her pants down, grope, then rape her, according to police, who discovered the video evidence while investigating a 14-year-old student of the Ostend Technical Institute in Belgium.

The morally bankrupt teen rapist had been showing his friends a photo of himself in military garb, holding a sub-machine gun, leading to a tip-off concerning his possible radicalization. The investigation into those claims led police to the gang rape video that he proudly kept on his cell phone.

According to reports, seven people have been arrested in connection with the gang rape, two being Belgium nationals, while the other five are Iraqi immigrants, as previously stated, with the oldest suspect being 25 years old.

The victim, who has been identified and found by authorities, said she attended a party with her boyfriend. At the party, she drank too much alcohol, causing her to become unconscious. When she woke up, she called a taxi and went home, unaware of what happened to her.

What’s worse is the suspects reaction to the incident and their arrest. Unsurprisingly, the Muslim monsters showed little remorse for their actions, which happened in November. In fact, they didn’t believe they had even committed a crime.

She has nothing to complain about. Women must obey men,” one of them reportedly told the police.

As one would imagine, this attitude has sparked outrage among Belgian citizens. Yet, officials still speak with caution about the refugees, being so careful not to be too offensive in addressing their rape culture.

“It is clear that some newcomers have problematic beliefs about relations between men and women,” commented Ostend Mayor Johan Vande Lanotte. “When they have served their sentences, they must leave the country.”

Theo Francken, Belgium’s minister for asylum and immigration, made a similar statement: “Rapists won’t be given asylum. They will be sent back to Iraq if they are found guilty.”

News of the sexual assault comes as the “Belgian government approved a plan to combat Islamic radicalism and extremist violence by hiring 1,000 new police officers over the next four years,” Daily Mail reports, further stating 300 officers will be added in Molenbeek and other neighborhoods with a history of radical Islamist activity this year, with more than another 500 added by 2017. In addition, 96 police investigators will be hired and 260 TV cameras positioned to monitor movements on the highways.

Anti-terror officers patrolling Brussels in November after the terror threat was raised to its highest level

Ironically, earlier reports only mentioned 100 new officers being hired. However, since the November attacks that killed 130 people in Paris were staged from Belgium, perhaps the Belgian government has realized the severity of the problem they are facing. Subsequent official investigations following the Paris attack “revealed how ineffective the surveillance of suspected radicals in the country has often been. Four of the Paris attackers, including suspected ringleader Abdelhamid Abaooud, lived in the Brussels commune of Molenbeek, one of eight areas covered by the government’s initiative.”

It would seem to me the realist solution would be to stem the flow of these refugee rapists. No matter how many officers are added to the police force, they simply can’t be all places at once, and what’s the likelihood one would have been at this party to stop this crime? It would have happened anyway, whether they had 100 more or 100,000 more officers. However, if the refugees weren’t allowed asylum, they wouldn’t be raping Europeans, now would they?

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