An uniformed teen girl decided to convert to Islam in order to please her 80-year-old lover, but she never expected what would happen to her. According to reports, the older Muslim became increasingly jealous of his younger counterpart, and he eventually concocted and executed a plan to douse the girl with acid.

The relationship began back in 2013 when Vikki Horsman came to rely on Mohammed Rafiq after her parents both passed in quick procession. Rafiq reportedly bought the young woman a car, and the two became closer yet.

The two eventually entered a relationship. Horsman not only converted to Islam, but assumed the name Aleena Rafiq when their relationship became sexual. As time went on, Rafiq became increasingly “controlling,” and he eventually began searching through her personal belongings in search of infidelities.

At one point, he was even said to have sent the woman photographs of used condoms found within the bedroom of her residence. Needless to say, Rafiq’s jealously became too much to handle, and he hatched what seemed like – at the time – a good idea.

Teen Girl Converts To Islam For Muslim Lover, Doesn’t Turn Out As Planned

While enlisting the help of two accessories, Shannon Heaps, 23, and Steven Holmes, 25, Rafiq derived the plan to pour acid over Horsman, which he was successful in doing in April of this year. According to Mirror:

Ms Horsman, a nursing home worker, described how she was told a man was at the front door of the house by Rafiq, who had himself only popped in a few minutes before the attack.

But when she opened the door “a black liquid” was doused over her, hitting her directly in the face and neck.

Mr Warner said: “She screamed loudly and felt a terrible burning pain”.

The Mail Online further reports:

Vikki Horsman suffered horrific burns to her face, neck and chest and internal injuries to her throat and lungs when the toxic liquid was hurled at her in the horror daylight attack.

Since that time, a jury has heard the arguments of both the defense and prosecution. It has been established that it was Rafiq’s doing and that he orchestrated the entire ordeal.

Score another one for the “peaceful” religion’s reputation. Feel free to share your thoughts on this atrocious act in the comments.


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