Teen Hands Mom Receipt, Horrified By What ARAB Clerk Left On Back

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After letting her teen walk around the corner to the neighborhood convenience store, a Memphis mother got more back with her change than she wanted, when her son handed her the receipt. She noticed something was written on the back that the Middle Eastern clerk had left there, so she took immediate action.

The woman, who did not want to be identified, has never had a problem letting her 14-year-old son grab a snack at the local S-Mart, not far from their home. However, that’s all changed after what her son showed her that left her in fear, not just for her own family, but all the other children who go to that store.

According to WREG, the teen, who suffers from intellectual disabilities, told her that the cashier, 26-year-old Sulaiman Omaisan, acted a little unusual at checkout. When he left the S-Mart, he noticed a note on the back of the receipt and felt he needed to show his mother. It’s a good thing he did, because the attentive parent quickly texted the phone number Omaisan left for the boy and was sickened by what the cashier sent back in the text.

Thinking that he was corresponding with the boy, Omaisan’s first question was how old the child was. Posing as her son, the mother said that he is 14. Immediately after the age confirmation, the Middle Eastern pervert said that he wanted to come pick the kid up that night, and he attached a picture that the mother practically puked over

Leaving no room to wonder what Omaisan’s intentions were, the accused sex solicitor texted a photo of his genitalia to who he thought was the woman’s son. The mother urgently called police and filed a report. Now, after a month-long investigation, Omaisan was arrested, but he has since bonded out and is free to troll for other kids. He’ll probably find his next victim pretty quick, considering what other people in the area had to say about the matter.

Boy Hands Mom Receipt, Horrified By What Middle Eastern Clerk Left On Back

Porsha Holmes

Porsha Holmes lives by the S-Mart and frequents the store. She doesn’t see a problem with Omaisan, saying that she doubts he would creep on a child simply because she’s never seen him approach anyone. It’s people like Porsha who put kids directly in harm’s way, simply because she doesn’t want to make bad assumptions about anybody, or hasn’t seen him rape anyone in front of her.

Police are convinced that there are more victims out there that went unreported prior to this 14-year-old’s incident. Thankfully, his mom had the wherewithal to look into it, rather than assuming this Middle Easterner is a good guy, like Porsha does.

If Omaisan follows the teachings of Islam, he likely doesn’t see pedophilia as a crime and will keep victimizing kids as politically correct parents around him turn a blind eye. Perhaps he realizes this, which is why he’s so brazen in his tactic, knowing that he can always pull the profiling card to make himself look like he’s being accused of something he didn’t do. This pervert already proved everything residents in that area need to know, with giving a kid his phone number and texting him a nude photo.

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