Teen SAVAGELY Beaten By Mob Of TRASH, Mom Posts Video In Cry for Justice—WATCH!

I understand the mother being upset…but at the same time.. She needs to tell her 15-Year-old daughter to stop hanging around loser people. The daughter also has some responsibility in all this.

This is also another example of why kids need to be spanked when they are younger. No one seems to discipline children anymore. So they grow up behaving like a bunch of animals beating up on people. And another thing…why did the people just stand around and watch these animals attacking this young girl? What the hell is wrong with people?


From The Daily Beast


A Minnesota mom is so desperate for justice that she posted a video of her own daughter being brutally beaten to Facebook.

The video has been viewed more than 300,000 times on Facebook since Jennifer Detenancour posted it on June 18. It shows two women pummeling 15-year-old Sydney Detenancour while another female cuts off her hair. The brutal attack in a wooded backyard in Saint Francis, Minnesota, was all because Detenancour was riding in the car of one of her attackers’ boyfriends.


Cassandra Borden, 19, accused Detenancour of riding alone with her boyfriend, Seth Evans, when he was arrested for drunk driving on June 16. (Evans, 19, was thrown in jail for underage intoxication and speeding, according to a booking summary.)

“The police department is continuing its investigation into others who may have been involved or witnessed the attack,” the department said in a statement.

“They can’t talk to everyone at one time,” a woman at the station told The Daily Beast on Wednesday. Read More

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