Teen SHOCKS Her Teacher When She Uses Taser on Him During a Fight (VIDEO)

Just wow. An Alabama teenage girl got into a fight with another girl at her high school – or at least, she was trying to. A teacher stepped in and pulled them apart. He was holding the teenage girl against the wall as he assessed what was going on. Suddenly, she had a stun gun and used it on the teacher, eliciting a shocked outburst from him. Then she fled the scene of the fight. She’s now facing felony assault charges just as she should. The police are not releasing her name because she is a minor.

As all this was happening, not one student stepped forward to help. They just recorded it on their phones and laughed. It shows a whole lack of character in students these days.

I thought schools checked for weapons these days. I’m not sure how she got it on school grounds, but she managed it somehow. What could she have been thinking? It’s one thing to have a stun gun for self defense; it’s quite another to use it on a teacher because he’s stopping you from beating someone’s brains in. How did she think she would get away with that? You would think she could think far enough ahead to know what the consequences would be. Massively stupid. But then again, if she had any brains at all, she wouldn’t have been fighting in the first place.

From Breitbart:

An Alabama teenager is facing felony assault charges after she used a stun gun on a teacher trying to break up a fight between her and another girl.

Mobile County sheriff’s officials say that a video shows the teen trying to fight another girl at Mary G. Montgomery High School outside Mobile on Thursday afternoon, according to the Associated Press.

Authorities say a teacher stepped in to try to break up the fight, when the girl tasered him with a stun gun and ran.

Students looked on in shock as she ran away through the school’s parking lot.

This happened outside Mobile, Alabama. The girl was caught by deputies and arrested. Shocker there. They have no idea how she got the stun gun. I’m sure they are speaking to her parents about all of this and hitting them with a ton of questions right about now. Sheriff’s officials say she was taken to a youth detention center and charged with felony assault in connection with the attack on the teacher and misdemeanor assault for striking the other girl in the face.

No sympathy here whatsoever. If you are dumb enough to pick a fight and then use a taser on a teacher, you richly deserve the consequences you have earned.

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