Teen Thug Gets Shot During Botched Robbery Attempt—His Family Blames Good Samaritan! (VIDEO)

I cannot make this up! Adric White decides to rob his second store in a month. So wearing a mask and with gun in hand he walks into the Family Dollar and starts ordering people around in the store. In walks the ‘Good Samaritan’ who says he has never had to use his gun in his life but when he saw the people in danger he knew what he had to do. He immediately draws his weapon and tells the robber not to move and of course Black Lives Matter rules are: Don’t listen to anyone in a position of authority. Well ‘Good Samaritan’ was in authority because he owned the situation. Unfortunately this robber wasn’t very smart so he spun around to face the guy holding a gun to him. That’s when the ‘Samaritan’ let off 5 rounds, luckily for Adric none were fatal shots.

The story doesn’t end at hospitals and police stations. The family of the robber is angry with the ‘Good Samaritan’ saying he had no right to get involved. SAY WHAT?! Yessir, they say his life wasn’t in danger and he should have minded his own business and left the store. WAIT so what was it Adric was stealing from the store for his family because that’s the only reason I can imagine they would think it was okay for him to be out robbing and pointing guns at people. I’m serious… if this were a news story in the local paper anywhere in the nation 20 years ago, American’s would have spit their coffee out of their mouth in shock of the gall of his family.

The media is respecting the Good Samaritan’s desire to remain anonymous, a man who has been legally conceal carrying his firearm for the last four years. This was the first time he needed to use his weapon in defense of another, which is his civic duty that he takes seriously. He expressed remorse, saying that he really didn’t wish to shoot anybody. When the lives of the innocent are at stake, he stepped up and did the right thing. To those employees and the rest of the community, the Good Samaritan is actually a hero for not running away.

Having received over 100 hours in handgun training at Frontsight in Nevada, I can tell you that I personally have already made the decision what I would do in such a situation. This man appears to have made his decision. And I will make a guess that he honestly felt that people’s lives were in danger. While running towards danger is usually stupid, the family of those you try to save thank you, Mr. ‘Good Samaritan’. WATCH the entire VIDEO below… it’s pretty shocking:

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

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