Look What Just Happened To Teen Who Walks 10 Miles To Work Every Day After Coworkers See What’s At His House

This man walks MILES to and from work just to take care of his sick mother. He’s been doing this since he was 14-years-old. A tough individual working his butt off, bringing home income for his family, being an outstanding citizen and amazing young man.

That’s when Derrick Taylor’s life drastically changed.

His co-workers at UPS noticed his routine pattern and the fact that it’s been going on for FIVE YEARS and they came up with a plan. The plan was to purchase a car for Derrick so that he could get to work, and home, much faster.

If you’ve ever walked a few miles to and from a job, then you know for a fact that having a ride is a lot easier.

Derrick’s generous co-workers raised enough money to buy him a used Jeep from a local car lot. When they gave him the keys, it was probably the most emotional and joy filled day of his life.

You can’t lie, this sort of thing makes you feel good for humanity. Such a great video to watch this young man, who’s stuck by his family’s side, finally have a good day for himself.

OXFORD, Ala. — A 19-year-old UPS worker in Alabama would walk several miles to and from work to make enough to care for his sick mother.

Until his co-workers got involved.

Daily Mail reports that Derrick Taylor has been working at the UPS center for about a year, loading and unloading vans. His shifts began at 4 a.m., and he had to leave early enough to walk the five miles there on time. He’d make the same walk home.

Co-workers offered to give him rides, but Taylor told Daily Mail that he was too proud to ask for help.

So his co-workers pooled together — and bought him a Jeep of his own.

They surprised Derrick with the Jeep in an emotional video that was posted on Facebook.

In it, one of his safety instructors said: “This is a hardworking young man. He makes me emotional. This young man wants to work so bad, he walks to work from way out of town. This group here, we’ve got so for you. Everybody came together, and you don’t have to walk no more. You’ve got your own ride.”

Here’s the awesome video where he’s presented with the keys. He took his girlfriend for a spin in his new ride and hopefully he’s enjoying the commute a lot more!

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